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    Odds of Making Final Four Cut in Half

    None of any of the above matters. WGWDA
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    23 yrs ago tonight

    I watched that game with my college buddies. It was my senior year at UT. Watching the Lady Vols 3-peat and Vols football win the NC...yes I knew it was a special era in Vols sports but would not have believed the struggles which were to follow. I believe Fulmer was doomed when David...
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    So what’s the breakdown on Purdue

    The breakdown is....WGWDA.
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    Brian Kelly to LSU may send Nick Saban running, helping Vols

    I just wasted 10 seconds of my life clicking on this lol.
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    SEC Shorts - the Win department

    I definitely wasn't rooting for Bama, but you gotta admit that late-hit call on their QB against Auburn in the 4th quarter was a terrible call.
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    Who do you WANT to play in a bowl game against?

    I want UNC. I want to avenge that Music City Bowl loss.
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    A View from Big Ben: Georgia

    Agree on making a rule to address this. How many times did a player "flop" and come back in within the same series? Anyone know?
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    Good game Vols

    Semper congrats on the win. You guys have a solid team. Good luck the rest of the year!
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    Announcers on Sat night

    Gilbert Gottfried would have been more fun to listen to.
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    Comparative Stats

    I think we keep it close and GA starts pulling away in the 3rd quarter.
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    UK win should earn Vols the Gator Bowl

    I would rather play in anything that didn't have the word "Gator" in it.
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    '22 TN DT Walter Nolen (Texas A&M commit)

    He plays for Powell. Their band plays Rocky Top. How can he not sign with the Vols?!?!?
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    Why Mustard?

    Back in the 90s, one of my class buddies brought this and we spiked our cokes with it. Good times!
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    Who Dunnit it?

    If he was aiming for the ref, it was overthrown and definitely Milton.
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    SEC fine from Saturday's activities

    I think more than we know. All the time you hear about "bad press" and how Sat night's fiasco might have cost us in both reputation and recruiting. I think the reality might be the opposite. ESPN and other media might be using this as fodder, but bad spotlight is better than no spotlight, and...
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    Josh Heupel genius

    I see 6 total undefeated seasons, including ties. I don't see seven straight undefeated seasons. The championships in 1951 was retroactively given to Maryland, since they beat us in the Sugar Bowl. 1939 was the last year TN (and anyone else, for that matter) played an entire regular season...
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    The Golf Ball Bowl

    The Unforgettabowl.

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