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    ‘23 FL OT Francis Mauigoa

    Not when Schnellenburger was there. They would play anyone anywhere and anytime. Go back and look at their schedules. That is how he built that program.
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    ‘23 AL RB Jeremiah Cobb

    Kids loyalty in the state of Alabama is completely different than Tennessee. We do not see many Dale Jones in this era.
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    ‘23 AL DL Hunter Osborne

    Usually this means there is something they do not want me to see or realize before making a decision. It is a red flag every time.
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    Recruiting forum off topic thread (no politics, covid, or hot button issues)

    California people are buying Blount County out right now.
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    ‘23 GA LB Tyree Weathersby

    Line forms to the rear.
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    ‘23 AL ATH Tony Mitchell

    It is not him talking about the offers. It sounds like his Dad or some handler.
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    ‘23 MO EDGE Chandavian Bradley

    Soun Sounds like you are into coffee. Cool.
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    ‘23 GA OT Shamurad Umarov

    Camel Manufacturing still in business?
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    ‘23 KY S Cristian Conyer

    Do not listen to him. My negativity meter is high enough without his propaganda.
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    ‘23 AL ATH Tony Mitchell

    No it is not. It is human trafficking.
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    THE Ohio State

    The is a simple word for simple minded people. It fits them well.
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    ‘23 LA QB Arch Manning (Texas commit)

    Totally agree. They will out bid the rest of the conference for players. Bama’s game is over.
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    ‘23 KY S Cristian Conyer

    I guess I must have been trolling since 2008 then. We were very lucky to beat UK last year with our defense.
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    ‘23 AL RB Jeremiah Cobb

    You do not live in Alabama.
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    ‘23 FL RB Treyaun Webb

    Would not think so. Seldom wants to be a WR.
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    ‘23 KY S Cristian Conyer

    LOL!! Denial much?
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    ‘23 KY S Cristian Conyer

    You are talking history. We are talking present. Even Vandy can go back to the 20’s and 30’s and show you a nice era. We were fortunate to beat UK this past year without a defense.
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    ‘23 VA ATH Cameron Seldon

    Did not think that video to be that encouraging.
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    ‘23 AL OT Stanton Ramil

    Where is this kid from originally? Do not detect a Bama or southern accent.
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    ‘23 NV RB Will Stallings (Tennessee commit)

    I am thinking pass protection also.

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