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    Tell me about Stokely Athletic Center.

    I remember seeing Bernard King go for a monster dunk at Stokely. He missed the dunk but the ball ricocheted high enough to almost hit the ceiling. I also remember going through class registration in Stokely. Good times.
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    Barnes said he would be at UCLA if buyout was paid

    I'll never forget my very wise father's advice - "Son, always tell the truth but you don't have to tell everything you know."
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    Who's the best? It will always be a matter of opinion but ask yourself this - who would you rather go drink a beer with? if anyone says Tom Brady turn in your man card now.
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    Austin Pope has committed!

    A little background on Austin Pope and what he and his family have been through: CAK
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    '16 GA OT Brodarious Hamm (former UT commit)

    Butt hurt Auburn fan on another site - this from the school that outbid Miss. St. for Cam Newton: Isn't it interesting that he commits to Tennessee the same time Payton donates $3M to the school.. Makes you know who paid the most for him.
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    6A State Championship-Maryville vs Ravenwood

    I'm an old MHS grad and reading this thread from beginning to end was thoroughly enjoyable - thanks guys!
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    '15 WI DT Kahlil McKenzie (UT Signee 2/4/15)

    I heard it - that was Heather Harrington stating that she thought Kahlil will be converted into an OT. She obviously hasn't seen the video from the Nike combine where Kahlil was just wearing out the OTs and tossing them around like little rag dolls.
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    Inky Johnson's injury.

    Inky's injury was very serious and he was close to death afterwards and it really was a miracle that he didn't die. I don't recall all of the details but he writes of this in detail in his book.
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    Butch Jones: Growing Up in Saugatuck

    I'm a TN boy through and through but I did marry a MI gal and I can tell you after many trips to MI that it has a lot in common with TN. There's a lot of good folk up there much like east TN. I've even got a lot of my MI in-laws sporting TN t-shirts and watching TN games.
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    Did you want Bray to return or glad someone new is going to play QB?

    Have to agree about the Gruden QB show - and I root for Tyler Bray but it was depressing watching Gruden who is always fired up trying to fire up Bray and about all Bray could muster was staring at his shoelaces and mumbling barely audible affirmative grunts. The impression I got was that Tyler...
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    Death of TN football

    I'm from TN and have always been a TN fan - having said that I'm flat out embarrassed by some of these folks who are ready to collapse in a heap and ball their heads off over a bit of a rough spot. TN football will survive and it will be relevant again but it may take a little time. Quit being...
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    Under Armour All-America game thread!!

    I saw Santos in the skills too, Johnson was first by about 2 tenths if memory serves. Santos finished 2nd and he must have been 30 to 40 lbs heavier than Johnson. Can't wait to see Santos blowing up the middle for TN in the coming years.
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    Why not recruit Maryville.

    This thread is absolutely hilarious! There are some truly delusional posters who don't seem to be able to grasp and accept reality. The teams that win, win. Wishing it didn't go down that way no matter how hard you try to play the "what if" game in your mind is not living in the real world...
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    '14 TN RB Shaun Prevo

    Nope, I don't know it or believe it and until somebody posts something that is factual in nature this won't change. I'm not from Missouri but until somebody "shows me" I ain't buying it. I just think it's hilarious how many people post this kind of drivel without offering up any kind of...
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    '14 TN RB Shaun Prevo

    I'm a Maryville grad and played football for them back in the 70s. I still live in Maryville and have many friends that are involved with the program. I'm not aware of anyone ever being "recruited" to play at Maryville - your "proof" of recruiting consists of a meaningless statement of...
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    '12 JUCO DT Damien Jacobs (Florida signee)

    Hey Texas Aggie! My dad graduated from A&M in 1954, my mom went to Texas and my sister went to Rice for crying out loud. I always pulled for A&M especially against Texas. Outside of the SEC A&M has always been one of the teams that I pull for the most. I remember going to an A&M...
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    Sweet memories

    I was living down in Houston at the time and after a night of New Years Eve carousing me and a buddy of mine who was also from TN just up and decided to drive on over to New Orleans and see if we could find tickets. There were a bunch of old TN friends coming down from Atlanta too. We pulled...
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    '11 SC QB Justin Worley

    Nice article, thanks for the link. The author hasn't been paying attention to UT this season: "The Volunteers struggled at quarterback this season with Matt Simms and Tyler Bray, neither picking up the offense nor striking fear in many SEC opponents."
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    Five Stars to UT?

    There are some very very talented players on TN's team this year but what this staff has done with some of the 'less talented' players (including several walk ons) bodes well for what they can do with the raw material they'll be bringing in for 2010 regardless of what the team's final recruiting...
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    Kiffin comments on the officials

    You're right RockyTopRowdy - it was Wes Brown on the INT not Big Dan Williams - my mistake! Wes Brown is the definition of "giving your all for Tennessee" playing on those knees.

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