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    ‘23 GA LB Tyree Weathersby

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone’s highlight film that didn’t make the player look all world. Who even knows the level of competition they’re playing. It’s like watching the previews of upcoming movies or tv shows. Interesting to watch, but somewhat worthless.
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    ‘23 MS S John Slaughter (Tennessee commit)

    Well we did win out over several second tier teams in the sec. unfortunately That’s our level, with a few exceptions, right now. Winning the winnable games on our schedule and ending in the top 20 this year will be a significant help in future recruiting.
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    Butch Jones gets contract extension

    Well there is that. I had high hopes. Just shows what I know.
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    ‘23 VA ATH Cameron Seldon

    Never have enough off. and def. Linemen.
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    ‘23 NC WR Noah Rogers (OSU commit)

    Wow, dude again
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    ‘23 IL WR Carnell Tate (Ohio State commit)

    It would be great to beat out Bama, tosu, ga., okla., and the other high profile top teams. we surely should attempt to sign the very top players but we MUST sign a high number of the next level until we win enough to convince the top guys we are on the right track. the Vols need to consistently...
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    I’d guess he has a real life. Unlike some others with thousands of posts.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    Yeah maybe. The late 60s were a rough stretch, Vietnam war, killing of MLB, RFK, and shooting of G. Wallace among others. Rioting by students and afro Americans. That was pretty bad time, but seems worse now if possible. I guess you have a point regarding news coverage though.
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    ‘23 AL DL Hunter Osborne

    Hey, I’ve come up with a few dollars more for Hunter. All legal of course.
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    Kellie and next year's returning players

    Let’s not get over our skis . Lot of work still to be done.
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    Rodney Garner - Great News

    Yep, I believe he was our best recruiter before he dumped us for Georgia back in Fulmers prime. Hope he remains loyal this time, although he is not the recruiter he once was, he is better than many.
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    '21 TN ATH Andre Turrentine (Tennessee signee - Transfer from Ohio St.)

    Yeah I can see it now, fat women with tattoos and tank tops in those seats. Guys with mullets in front. Common sight at the rod run in pigeon forge now. Used to be cool cars.
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    Versatile Butch Jones

    He can live well for a long time with the money Tennessee paid him.
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    ‘23 CA QB Nicholaus Iamaleava (Tennessee commit)

    Jezz, get on twitter with this back and forth bs. z
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    '21 IL RB Mar’Keise Irving (Oregon commit)

    I don’t know the situation at Minn. why is he transferring.
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    ‘23 MS S John Slaughter (Tennessee commit)

    Yep, one or two of these so called “under the radar” recruits is ok. But the balance of your signed players had better be ones that most all the top tier programs offer. If not, you are always lagging behind. If you can’t pull in consistent top 10 recruiting classes championships will be rare.
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    Jasmine Franklin Committed

    Well I’m sure if she has recovered from injury, she can be an asset to the team in several ways. Her Making us a final four team is somewhat over the top. But over the top is the way here. Keep up the optimistic feeling, hope you are right.

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