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  1. JRich

    Most Improved?

  2. JRich

    Quote from Sarkisian, and Heupel

    Wonder where he'll transfer to when Sark is fired...
  3. JRich

    Let’s Rock

    What I think of when I hear, "Let's rock!"
  4. JRich

    Arch Manning open letter…

    Well, like I mentioned before (twice already) his game film does not impress me, but yeah, I guess probability and statistics has some say.
  5. JRich

    Arch Manning open letter…

    One clip doesn't change my mind, and I'm not criticizing anyone who thinks he is a star - it's a fair assessment. However, there have been more 5 star busts than success stories, so I remain skeptical. His film is not that great. He has the resources and the pedigree, and I wish him all the best.
  6. JRich

    Arch Manning open letter…

    I really don't understand what this post is about, but I'll play. IMO, Arch does not show that great on film. The competition seems inferior and he does not scream "superstar" to me. None the less, I wish him all the luck in the world, even though I don't know him, and I hope he has a stellar...
  7. JRich

    Niedermeyer a little bitter?

    Maybe, but I wouldn't infer that just from a post. He could be just happy for the kid. Everyone loved the guy when he was bringing in the recruits...
  8. JRich

    Question about defense/LBs and LB recruiting

    OP makes a good point, IMO. I know Mitchell was out, but UT was extra special soft in the middle of the field on defense, even against spread teams like Ole Miss. UK kept up with our scoring by literally just running the ball straight ahead.
  9. JRich

    Staff is altering Hookers mechanics

    Guys are flipping out. Most athletes at upper levels are constantly working to improve their skills and mechanics. Nothing to worry about. You should always look to improve yourself.
  10. JRich

    NIL Question

    You may have already done this, but I would factor in where these recruits live. I think that has a lot to do with it, also. It may be a down year for talent out west or in the Midwest. Even though the SEC has the jump on it, it won't be long before the other programs come around. I have a...
  11. JRich

    New question.

  12. JRich

    Opposing HC on Heupel offense

    Faking injuries on the defensive side of the ball will always be this offense's Achilles heel. Sometimes we did it ourselves. Geez, how many times did Lampley and Davis go down after a PAT? The substitution rule that is currently in place should also apply to injury timeouts. No substitutes...
  13. JRich

    Danny White hits back AGAIN

    Geez... Twitter. What a tumor on society. I guess the dude from ESPN doesn't know how it works or how to use it.
  14. JRich

    Neon Deon Strikes Again

    Guy is a flake. Would not hire.
  15. JRich

    Thoughts on this post?

    Yeah, I don't know about it being "encouraged," but I do feel like Tennessee and the fan base has gotten a raw deal by the national media. I'm kind of at the same point of saying "F off." We really don't know what happened, maybe the fans heckled the guy and deserved it, or maybe he is a cocky...
  16. JRich


    My guess is that he's not very good. I believe there were 4 ahead of him on the depth chart.
  17. JRich

    If UT had to give up a tradition, which one?

    Interesting. Medically Reviewed on 3/5/2021 "Most of the world’s helium demand is fulfilled through the gas deposits in the United States such as those in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Smaller supplies exist in Canada...
  18. JRich

    Vols open as early favorites over Florida

    Gary Danielson will be talking about "a new number 15 for Heisman" when Florida comes to Knoxville. He'll be drooling all over himself. Makes me want to throw up.

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