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    Great season, but Vols not getting to Omaha…

    We didn’t get to Omaha? Shoot, I missed that.
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    Pruitt comments on Coach Heupel

    Sure was. Kudos to him.
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    Quote from Sarkisian, and Heupel

    I’m not impressed. I saw him play on the tube last year. If his name was Smith or Brown he probably wouldn’t be a top 200 player
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    Arch Manning open letter…

    I don’t care. In the one game I saw on TV last year I was not impressed. In the least.
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    Tennessee vs Lsu

    I’m planning on going. First trip to Death Valley
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    Today we advance in epic fashion

    Hope it wasn’t non refundable
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    The Official #1 Tennessee vs Notre Dame Super Regional Games Thread (Fri 6/10 6PM EST ESPN 2) ( Sat. 6/11 2PM EST ESPN ) (Sun. 6/12 1PM EST ESPN)

    I absolutely hate ND. I’m surrounded by their obnoxious fans here in the Chicago suburbs.
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    '22 AUS Punter Jackson Ross (committed)

    Google Image Result for
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    Where is the Notre Dame smack?

    I absolutely hate ND. I hope we pound them into oblivion
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    East Ridge Pioneers Football

    His dad was my coach there in the early 70s. We didn’t make the playoffs in my 3 years.
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    Vols set to open the 2023 season against a new opponent

    Ugh. I was planning on going to that game in Provo.
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    '25 AZ QB Jamar Malone

    Sam’s boy?

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