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  1. Rocky Top Raby

    That's racist!

    Wallen still out shouting racial slurs like it was the 60's....oh that's right, most people here wish it was.
  2. Rocky Top Raby

    Sorry but its getting old [Barnes discussion]

    Barnes has to get more praise than any other coach who consistently underperforms in tournaments.
  3. Rocky Top Raby

    Orange & White Spring Game - Canceled 2022

    None of which matters in a scrimmage
  4. Rocky Top Raby

    Orange & White Spring Game - Canceled 2022

    They tried, where you want them to play at a local high school?
  5. Rocky Top Raby

    The fact that Arch Manning is not even visiting UT...

    I bet he can take a joke too
  6. Rocky Top Raby

    C. Patterson - VFL

    Laughable, guy played as hard as he could at every moment but because he didn't go to class he's not a VFL? Please tell me your extensive knowledge on attendance of all the players that qualify to you as a VFL.
  7. Rocky Top Raby

    7W 4L 2H

    Can we please get over this already? Pathetic to keep rehashing the same thing so often especially when none of the calls people are complaining about directly cost us a win. The two long shots down the field when we could have easily set up for the winning FG were much more detrimental to our...
  8. Rocky Top Raby

    The Josh Heupel offense took down 8 school records in Year 1

    Let me know when it sets the record for most wins.
  9. Rocky Top Raby

    Sorry but its getting old [Barnes discussion]

    Asterisks and what if titles, stop reaching so hard.
  10. Rocky Top Raby

    Transfer Portal vs coaches moving.

    Why? Kids are committing to a coach and not the school most of the time whether or not you want to accept it.
  11. Rocky Top Raby


    Jesus some of you are so desperate
  12. Rocky Top Raby

    Congrats to Vol Nation

    Oh wow a fan of another team telling us "we're back", hooray it's official now.
  13. Rocky Top Raby

    UT wins 2021 Cornhole National Championship!!!

    Nothing to do with football
  14. Rocky Top Raby

    FInal Rant THE MCB PLAY

    So many threads on this already. It's done, shut up about it.
  15. Rocky Top Raby

    Make It Official: Tennessee Went 8-5 This Season

    Oh my ****ing god enough of this. None of the games with questionable calls were guaranteed wins. If you want to be mad at someone about not winning the bowl game then look no further than CJH. Plus, was Heupel even the guy at UCF when they went undefeated? No he wasn't.
  16. Rocky Top Raby

    Alontae Taylor opting out of the bowl

    Who says you have to be early round to protect yourself? You're really stretching to prove how entitled to this kids life you feel.
  17. Rocky Top Raby

    Banks on ND DC list

    I think he's with the Bears still.
  18. Rocky Top Raby

    Banks on ND DC list

    When is it actually the DCs fault in your mind?
  19. Rocky Top Raby

    Banks on ND DC list

    Fine with me. People think that a good DC wouldn't be able to make something out of nothing are just fooling themselves.
  20. Rocky Top Raby


    Y'all that want UGA to win over Bama blow my mind. That's like the one thing we have over the dawgs is their last title was 18 years before our's and the last thing we need is those barking idiots to have a title to brag about. Another one for Bama makes absolutely nothing different.

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