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  1. Volatility

    What does everyone think about the UFO sightings

    I bet our government has much better footage of these UFOs that will never see the light of day. They have nothing to gain by admitting these UFOs are way more advanced than us and they can’t protect us if they become hostile.
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    Military struggling to meet quota.

    Is it really a bad thing that we don’t have enough military personnel? We have based all over the world, I don’t see why other countries can’t use their own tax dollars and fund their own military instead of us using our tax dollars overseas. We aren’t the world’s police and should stop acting...
  3. Volatility

    How would beating the crap outta Florida in Neyland make you feel?

    Not overly excited tbh. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always good to beat a division opponent. But this series will end in a couple of years and none of this will really matter anyway. They’ve gotten the best of us over the entire series and I’m ready to move past it.
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    Roe vs Wade Overturned

    I think pigs flying is more likely than democrats/republicans taking action to benefit the middle class, but nevertheless he has a point.
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    Roe vs Wade Overturned

  6. Volatility

    VN's very own political meme thread...

  7. Volatility

    Roe vs Wade Overturned

    The Uniparty won’t let a SCOTUS decision go to waste.
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    19 students, 3 adults dead in Texas elementary shooting.

    WTF, that’s negligent homicide. Those pussies should be fired if they haven’t been already. They want to role play as cops but don’t want to be a cop.
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    19 students, 3 adults dead in Texas elementary shooting.

    Matthew McConaughey hires DC lobbyists as he pushes for tighter gun laws after Uvalde shooting | Fox News Looks like Matthew McConaughey knows how the game is really played.
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    19 students, 3 adults dead in Texas elementary shooting.

    Here’s a podcast from a Navy SEAL’s perspective about the shooting. Im still listening, but so far the summary is pretty much what a lot of people have been saying. The cops wet the bed when it mattered most.
  11. Volatility

    Opposing HC on Heupel offense

    It was a nice change of pace compared to cornbread’s offense, but I don’t know if more teams will flop in order to catch their breath when facing fast paced offenses like Heupel’s.
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    Politicians being Politicians

    You’d have better luck finding Loch Ness or Bigfoot before you’d find an honest politician.
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    Which One Will Win First?

    I think Day will be first. OSU is a blue blood and they can out talent the entire conference. Same with Riley. LSU is great because it’s a talent rich state with no other P5 competitor in state. But the SEC is a meat grinder of a conference. Nobody else on that list has a chance.
  14. Volatility

    Poll: Would you rather have Auburn, Florida, USCjr or UK as a permanent rival?

    UK. The series is in our favor and we’re already in a meat grinder of a conference.
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    House votes to decriminalize marijuana at federal level

    This is by no means thorough research, but I looked up Anheuser Busch’s share price over the past 10 years. It was approximately $80 per share in 2012 and now it’s trading around $55. I think marijuana has only hurt the alcohol business.
  16. Volatility

    House votes to decriminalize marijuana at federal level

    Marijuana won’t be legalized/decriminalized at the federal level for a long time. Alcohol/tobacco/pharmaceutical companies don’t want competition, so they donate to politicians to fight it off.
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    'No judge, jury, law or treaty is going to fix this level of corruption'

    Democrats and republicans have been to Epstein’s island. They’re all on the same team imo.
  18. Volatility

    Oklahoma hospital shooting

    America the beautiful or America the crazy? This country clearly has a problem.
  19. Volatility

    19 students, 3 adults dead in Texas elementary shooting.

    They’re clearly not qualified to be police officers and should turn in their badges. Officers that won’t engage active shooters are tits-on-bull useless.

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