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  1. Volador

    Nico's arrival

    Am hoping he lives up to it. Nico Suave!
  2. Volador

    For all those coming to Pittsburgh

    Where can ya buy ya a good Rooster, Deli samwich and Smokey dog?? Don't want some Penquin samwich served by some one eyed Pirate.
  3. Volador

    Neyland new capacity 101,915 after renovations

    Incorrect my friend. We can always lower the field.....!!!!!
  4. Volador

    Nico's arrival

    Nico Suave
  5. Volador

    Let’s Rock

    Y'all must play some pretty aggressive Corn Hole to need you a helmet.....!!!!!!
  6. Volador

    Lauding Peyton

    What is really important here is that Peyton Manning is MY Greatest QB of All Time.
  7. Volador

    THE Ohio State

    The people in Columbus have shamefully diluted the word "the", for in our country's history, the word "the" proceeds many important historical references, such as: The Constitution The Civil War The Godfather The The The Smokey Mountain Market The National Anthem But most importantly, the word...
  8. Volador

    Today we advance in epic fashion

    IMO, this game falls heavily on the shoulders of Coach V. He has to put the best players out there vs a solid ND team. The best players yesterday may not be the best today. May God's grace be with our coach today and guide his decisions. Look forward to seeing his presser after the game. Go...
  9. Volador

    Where is the Notre Dame smack?

    Where is the Notre Dame smack?
  10. Volador

    Vols land transfer shortstop Maui Ahuna

    Christmas in June??
  11. Volador

    Can someone talk me off the ledge for Super Regionals. Been nervous since Tuesday.

    Ummm, sorry but is that "cup" as in athletic supporter or, cup o' Jack you got ready??
  12. Volador

    The Official #1 Tennessee vs Notre Dame Super Regional Games Thread (Fri 6/10 6PM EST ESPN 2) ( Sat. 6/11 2PM EST ESPN ) (Sun. 6/12 1PM EST ESPN)

    9th inning and the Notre Dame batter steps up to the plate. He swings and it's, it's WIIIIIIDDDDEEEEEE RIGHT! Vols WIN!!!!
  13. Volador

    The Official #1 Tennessee vs GA Tech Regional Game Thread Sunday June 5th (7PM EST ESPNU)

    Maybe the team could dedicate this W to Eklund.....
  14. Volador

    The Official #1 Tennessee vs GA Tech Regional Game Thread Sunday June 5th (7PM EST ESPNU)

    They always say that the 55th WIN is always the toughest...!!

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