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    🤔..Wonder what new staff's thoughts on UNIFORMS??

    Bring me allllllll the alt uniforms!
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    What's our FIRST offensive play of the game.....

    Play action (RPO), slant to Palmer. Gain of 6. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Rocky Top League - 2016

    Will the games be posted on YouTube?
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    ESPN's SEC spring breakout candidates: Jason Croom

    Is Croom a RSSr? Being able to go to a 2 TE set and use the Play Action = a LONG week of planning for opposing Defensive Coordinators! GBO!!
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    New Nike Uniforms

    So dope!! I have been feverishly looking online for them! No luck, as of yet.
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    Recruiting Discussion

    when should we hear about potential graduate transfers? I am really hoping we get a legit 4 or 5!
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    VOLS in other cities besides Knoxville

    Near Shreveport, La. by ways of KNOXVILLE, TN!
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    Thoughts On Next Season?

    I may have missed it, but will Ian Chiles be on the squad next season? I know he was injured this year, and I wasn't sure if he was a redshirt candidate.
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    Why won't Bajakian's offense work in the SEC?

    i think the main reason the offense hasn't worked, thus far, is because we lack a dual-threat at QB. The Def. are pinning they're ears back and going str8 for the RB. w/o a lack of a running threat @ QB, it's a major factor of our offensive woes.
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    OFFICIAL Pick-the-Score Contest: Oklahoma

    Sooners - 36 Vols - 23 J. Hurd Rushing Yards - 103
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    Vols Alternate Uni ranked No. 2 in SEC

    i like it!! change is eventually gonna happen, right? it's all about what the recruits/team like, right?!
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    OFFICIAL Arkansas State Pick-the-Score Contest

    VOLS: 55 Arky St: 13 Pig's Rec. Yards: 84, 1 TD
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    Favorite Professional Team

    Saints! Who dat!!
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    Uniform/Helmet/Shoe design thread (merged)

    what about a new helmet with the old VOLS star logo? i think that would be kinda dope.
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    Free Agents in the SEC

    silly. season.
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    Offense next year.

    Run, Run, Play Action
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    Josh Malone, Von Pearson and Neiko Creamer

    Man, we should have the best WR corp in the nation, based on potential of course, IMHO.
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    Pick the Score Contest: Tennessee vs Georgia

    VOLS - 20 DAWGS - 33 Neal Rushing Yards - 115
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    Pick the Score Contest: Tennessee vs S. Alabama

    Vols 45 S. Alabama 13 Vols Passing Yards: 216

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