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  1. FlyFishnVol

    Big commit! Boom!

    Anyone who weighs stars vs. ❤, not all these players don't get the opportunity to get seen. He is a Vol and that is BOOM worthy any time.
  2. FlyFishnVol

    Newcomers begin summer classes

    8 defensive players 🤔 How many scholarship players do we have compared to last year?
  3. FlyFishnVol

    "Real Concerns on Defense Remain" (Report After Spring)

    Can someone post the Defensive Roster please, I think all the answers are there.
  4. FlyFishnVol

    "Real Concerns on Defense Remain" (Report After Spring)

    I don't agree, they have addressed it, but the recruiting has been slim. We have the players, just need to come off IR
  5. FlyFishnVol

    Could Brian Niedermeyer hurt UT @ IMG?

    If anything, he should have a sense of obligation for allowing himself to be sucked into Pruitt's shenanigans.
  6. FlyFishnVol

    VOLS vs The Bear

    Have you ever seen a Bear pull a truck?
  7. FlyFishnVol

    Charges filed against Vols Baseball team

    Just like the bat sticker
  8. FlyFishnVol

    The only selection committee joke worse than VOLS 3 seed….

    The NCAA is just like any company, they want to make their customers happy. It appears to me they're trying to increase the Big10's chances. I don't see any real contenders for F4. The Big10's athletics has slowly been disintegrating when their best football is only OSU. Basketball? I don't...
  9. FlyFishnVol

    Where Were You March 13 2022?

    😃💯❗ Port Arthur Texas
  10. FlyFishnVol

    Poor ESPN Networks

    It is so comical now, it makes them look so inept 😂🤣😂🤣
  11. FlyFishnVol

    Vols chance at sect 1 seed

    I believe #1 would only be for bragging rights, the top 4 all have a good seeding in the SEC Championship. However, in the NCAA Tournament, it makes a big difference. Winning the regular season and the SEC Championship could sneak UT into a #1 seed...jmo.
  12. FlyFishnVol

    22-7, 13-4 with wins over 3 top 5 teams......

    I would not predict for the same reason, all teams will be motivated, but whoever wants it most will go deep. UT has the players to go all the way, but they have to play their best game.........every game.
  13. FlyFishnVol

    BTO’s Georgia Postgame Report

    Highest ranked wins
  14. FlyFishnVol

    BTO’s Georgia Postgame Report

    I think this is an overreaction to how UT played UGA. 1. UGA has given other ranked opponents a difficult game (ie. Auburn). Just like CRB's comment about UT Fans chanting "overrated" about Auburn, I think this is the exact opposite, we look at the UGA's record and believe they are a bad team...
  15. FlyFishnVol

    The Official #13 Tennessee @ Georgia Game Thread, 6:30 PM ET, SEC Network

    Not if Georgia decides to play as they did against Auburn. Don't let the record fool you, this team can get real hungry and spoil UT's party or at least put a bad taste in their mouths. I think CRB will have them ready, this could come down to the wire.
  16. FlyFishnVol

    The Official #13 Tennessee @ Georgia Game Thread, 6:30 PM ET, SEC Network

    I believe this team has already learned to not take any team lightly...jmo
  17. FlyFishnVol

    Who Are The Teams You Love To Hate? Which Teams Do You Have A Soft Spot For?

    LTH? Ohio State SSF? Southern Cal, Miami, Minnesota

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