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  1. fossilfiction

    Staff is altering Hookers mechanics

    Every college coach is trying to improve their QB's techniques. That said, I wouldn't change much. Let him sling it like he did last year. He had more of a fumbling issue than anything and it only seemed bad because of the timing on a couple, ala Foster's fumbles.
  2. fossilfiction

    Pretty… Pretty good tier for Hooker

    I would take those exact numbers from anyone every year if we have a defense that can get us a few more stops here and there. His INT ratio was amazing.
  3. fossilfiction

    Petition to Freak - Can the forum order be rearranged to reflect which sport won the most recent SEC Championship?

    Pretty sure it's prioritized by traffic to the forums. That's called rewarding the winners, IMO.
  4. fossilfiction

    SEC only playoff

    No doubt he wants his own league, IMO. After Texas and Oklahoma leave, he is about two good (at least historically) powerhouses and a couple of 8 win schools away from joining the SEC in being able to do so.
  5. fossilfiction

    Saban Lashes Out at A&M - Bama is a NIL Dinosaur

    The same guy that was bragging when his QB who had never taken a snap already made over a million, which was the first reported on, now hates that they are behind.
  6. fossilfiction

    How would you like to see the SEC do scheduling moving forward?

    Do you like the thought of losing in a recurring ugly fashion to finish out the year?
  7. fossilfiction

    It's been a minute...

    This is going to ruin the spo...wait a minute....
  8. fossilfiction

    Every Oklahoma Football player on scholarship will receive $50k in NIL money a year

    Way to commit to your principles, in a few years, probably. 🤣
  9. fossilfiction

    Which duo would you take for a season?

    Assuming both are in CJH's offense, Dobbs for me, but dang it is close. Dobbs likely is a nationally remembered as a great QB with a down field game like this offense opens Sure, send the DB's back 10 yards, better watch the sideline for a sprinting gazelle. Just saying though, if I could mix...
  10. fossilfiction

    Screw Arkansas fans

    Let them have their 15-minutes every three decades. I assure you that our football fanbase will go very extra if we can get on track.
  11. fossilfiction

    6 of the top 25 aka ESPN hates us.

    So, your betting on the Vols. I, too, like to live dangerously.
  12. fossilfiction

    ‘23 TN DL Nathan Robinson commits to the Vols

    Over two hours and no boom yet? Silly stats for someone who puts his hand in the dirt. Junior Season Stats/Highlights (10 Games): 89 Total Tackles 48 Solo 41 Assisted 23 Sacks 26 TFL 6 FF 4 FR 4 Pass Deflections 1 Blocked FG 1 Blocked Punt
  13. fossilfiction

    Transfer Portal DB's....

    You think I didn't read it because I quoted a primary point? Get real dude. It's not deception or anything. People can read your full and outdated statement right now. My point stands. The portal is more of a fix than you admit. It can flip a program in one year if leveraged correctly.
  14. fossilfiction

    Today's O&W Scrimmage

    Spring games rarely speak well for any defense. It's all watered down with the focus on formations and fudamentals.
  15. fossilfiction

    Transfer Portal DB's....

    You might be a little in the past friend. It can be fixed by players learning the system over time. The portal allows you plug holes with talent right then and there. Kids will stick around for 3-years, but not like in the past.
  16. fossilfiction

    Hyatt breakout season upcoming

    I hope so. Hyatt is a receiver that can blow up in this offense. Maybe he just more playing time. He should get that in spades this year.

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