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  1. UTblood4life

    9 Wins?

    I think kinda like 2016 beat a team :cough: Florida and lose to someone u shouldn't Now without the mistakes of Lyle could be 9-3 10-2
  2. UTblood4life

    For all those coming to Pittsburgh

    I'm sure Nu'Keese Richardson would be in a prius
  3. UTblood4life

    2022 preseason prediction

    I would love to see that 5-0 start going into bama week
  4. UTblood4life

    First Impressions are everything

    This here spot on
  5. UTblood4life

    Weeks 1-3 kickoff times/channels of the 2022 season announced

    Like what we did to Cal in 06 They did to us in 07 We most definitely will return the favor
  6. UTblood4life

    Remember When

    Didnt they lose to a 1AA can't remember Louisiana mud dogs I forget
  7. UTblood4life

    Why do the gators have our number?

    To many to list if it isn't phantom catches in 2000 it's backup qbs aka 2014 etc.., or a holding call 05 or 06, or the them knowing our snap count 99, not covering fourth downs 2015, Manning throwing to many ints in 97, rain in 95 and 02 Having a POS DC in 2012, not covering a hail mary in...
  8. UTblood4life

    Saban Lashes Out at A&M - Bama is a NIL Dinosaur

    "Smash that like button" - boogie
  9. UTblood4life

    Slipping and A-Sliding

    And the oak ridge boys singing in the background
  10. UTblood4life

    Inky Johnson Video SIAP

    Amazing man, I still hate that air force game
  11. UTblood4life

    Crazy stat (Hooker)

    Vfl34 had many people believing it was Travis Stevens then his identity was found out and never heard from again
  12. UTblood4life

    Crazy stat (Hooker)

    Very true Or vfl34 true identity being revealed
  13. UTblood4life

    Crazy stat (Hooker)

    Oh the joys of 2009 and Rod Wilks lol The story behind I partially remember Then you had d4h for three yrs and he's gone D4h legend in his own mind
  14. UTblood4life

    I Surrender

    So does it mean we get our McDonalds bags back, and drop the ncaa pending b.s. Lol
  15. UTblood4life

    Why do the gators have our number?

    Muschump comments after the 14 game 😡

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