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    Screen grab from a live stream I saw.
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    Amateur Hour Continues

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    Space Exploration

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    The military purge stepping up

    Can't imagine why?🤔
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    The Old Man

  6. CagleMtnVol

    Official Gramps' Memorial Eternal OT Thread

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    Gun control debate (merged)

    Probably put that nasty Duke's brand on it!
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    President Joe Biden - Kamala Harris Administration

    I think it would be more benficial to impeach some of his nut ball cabinet people first. To keep them from doing even more damage over the next couple of years.
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    Millions of Illegal Aliens From All Over The World Head For U.S. Border

    Maybe they were just returning our stuff that Joe gave them?🤔
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    Roe vs Wade Overturned

    Maybe he should take it to the Supreme Court.
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    Anyone make it to the Grand Opening today?
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    VN's very own political meme thread...

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    2022 NASCAR Pick-Em: Ally 400 (Nashville)

    9 - Chase Elliott 18 - Kyle Busch 4 - Kevin Harvick 6 - Brad Keselowski 41 - Cole Custer 47 - Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Ty Dillon will finish 24th
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    Roe vs Wade Overturned

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    Space Exploration

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    Elvis (June 24, 2022)

    Great reviews so far! Folks already saying it's in the running for Best Picture and the guy playing Elvis for Best Actor.
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    Roe vs Wade Overturned

  18. CagleMtnVol

    Roe vs Wade Overturned

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