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    Parking Pass football season 2022

    Regular G10 or G10T ?

    Parking pass question.

    The shuttles make constant runs back and forth from I think about an hour or hour and a half before the game. Then runs for about an 45 min to an hour after. Like I said it’s not a bad deal to get to the game because not all 100,000 are going to the game at the same time. It’s going back that...

    Parking pass question.

    Up until Thursday or Friday you could have logged into your AllVols account and it was right on the main page. Now they have merged the two accounts to one Ticketmaster formatted account. I have not seen where it shows your donor account information on the new Allvols or Ticketmaster account...

    Parking pass question.

    It’s about 1.2 to 1.5 miles from the stadium. About a 26-30 min walk according to Google maps. You can ride a shuttle to and from the stadium. Going to the stadium on the shuttle is a breeze but getting back is a little longer process. Ag campus is located right at the UT Veterinary Medical Center.

    Parking pass question.

    Check with the TN Fund tomorrow because In the past you can pay the $175 for the pass, go thru the selection process and once your pass is allotted you can still return it for a refund. As long as it’s before the first game. If I’m understanding your reply right. Now that was before Ticketmaster...

    Parking pass question.

    Yea I realized my mistakes and never got back to post a reply. I’m sorry about that. Just the way I read it and after it going back thru my brain I thought sorta exactly what you said. Sometimes it pays to wait and reply to someone’s post after you’ve read it a few times and realized the...

    Parking pass question.

    Your not guaranteed a pass. If you read the email it says, if demand exceeds supply they may not be able to fulfill all orders. Not saying it will happen, but I think with all the extra parking passes for the Lower West Club and Patio area in the North Endzone. Parking will change some from past...

    Parking pass question.

    It says selection will take place in July. Just a offer email for # of passes you are entitled to. Of course also payment for same. 😂😂

    West Sideline Football Season Tickets.

    We have a few pairs or sets of 4 2022-2023 Football season tickets. The seats are in section S & V. Rows 25 to 39. $1400 - $1685 ea. If you are interested or have questions Please text me at 865-233-6788
  10. 1VOLFAN4UT

    2 or 4 Sunday Super Regionals

  11. 1VOLFAN4UT


  12. 1VOLFAN4UT

    ****SOLD*****4 Sunday Tickets

    *****SOLD*****4 in section A row 18 for Sunday’s session 5 or 6 game. $185 ea. ****SOLD****
  13. 1VOLFAN4UT

    ******SOLD******2 Friday & Saturday Regional Tickets

    *****SOLD*****2 Section A row 17 for the Friday night game. Only 4 off the aisle. $175 ea. *****SOLD*****Have 2 available for Saturday nights game as well. Same seats. $225 ea.
  14. 1VOLFAN4UT

    Parking pass question.

    I think the parking process will be pushed back a little this year. With all the selection processes for Lower West Club and the West Chairback seats as well as the switchover to Ticketmaster, The ticket office as well as the TN Fund is busy right now. Also factor in the relocation process for...
  15. 1VOLFAN4UT

    4 Aisle TN vs Belmont

  16. 1VOLFAN4UT

    2 Sets of 4 Saturday Georgia Tickets

  17. 1VOLFAN4UT

    2 or 4 Georgia Friday Night

  18. 1VOLFAN4UT

    Tickets for Sale or Free

    We have a pair in section A row 12. Only 2 seats off the Aisle. $95 ea. Text me if your interested 865-233-6788
  19. 1VOLFAN4UT

    Parking pass question.

    We will have a couple extra 11th st passes available. Or should I say we have in the past. Since no parking assignment has been done yet. We have no idea what the landscape looks like. Just text me your info and I can let you know when we see what we have coming. 865-233-6788
  20. 1VOLFAN4UT

    Parking pass question.

    Has nothing to do with if you were grandfathered or not. Parking goes by priority level and donor rank. If they were grandfathered in then they were either paying no donation or a reduced donation. So as the years went by their donor rank went up not down. Also once the priority level was...

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