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  1. VolunteerHillbilly

    War in Ukraine

    Problem is they can still do business with China and India which have a combined GDP about 3/4 of the USA and growing, not to mention plenty of middle eastern and central american nations. I think we’re hurting ourselves more than we’ve hurt them economically. They are a generation removed...
  2. VolunteerHillbilly

    Westworld Season 3

    Saddled up for season 4. Kinda hoping they go back into the park.
  3. VolunteerHillbilly

    Coronavirus (No politics)

    Whatever has been going around the last couple of months seems to hit men harder.
  4. VolunteerHillbilly

    The Southern Rock appreciation thread

    Since I am in Nashville, I will throw Barefoot Jerry in the ring. I've read a couple of books by Michael Buffalo Smith, which I recommend to anyone who really wants to get in the weeds of where southern rock came from and how the bands formed. It's amazing how incestuous the bands were in...
  5. VolunteerHillbilly


    I just finished season 3 this morning. I enjoyed it.
  6. VolunteerHillbilly

    The Calm Down Thread

  7. VolunteerHillbilly

    The car selling adventures of Yankee

    I can understand that. The only new inventory for sale at this dealership was stuff that had a lot of aftermarket add-ons (beefed up off road trucks) and a smattering of slow sellers. I asked a guy about some of the more popular models and was told all that stuff sells online before it hits...
  8. VolunteerHillbilly

    Favorite Non Domesticated Animals (with Pics)

    We were able to talk with one rescuer who is out of town. She told us to leave it alone and hope that one of the other rescues will call back. We pretty much know who's out there so we've made the calls and done all we can do. If the song birds find it and peck it to death, I guess it's...
  9. VolunteerHillbilly

    Road Rage

    I think the way a lot of people drive nowadays incites road rage. people screw around on their phones, weaving and going slow, and when they take a break from their screen they seemingly try to make up for lost time by flooring it while weaving in and out of traffic lanes.
  10. VolunteerHillbilly

    Favorite Non Domesticated Animals (with Pics)

    That whole shadow is the owl. You can see the outline of the extended left wing, such as as it is.
  11. VolunteerHillbilly

    Favorite Non Domesticated Animals (with Pics)

    We got us an injured owl up in a cedar tree. I think the crows busted up her left wing. Now waiting on animal rescue people to call back and advise. If anyone wants to climb about 30’ up a flimsy tree to dislodge a large house cat-sized wounded owl, let me know.
  12. VolunteerHillbilly

    The car selling adventures of Yankee

    @YankeeVol I was walking the lot at a dealership in Franklin while having some service done and I saw a couple of window stickers that showed an add-on called "supply price adjustment" (or something like that) equal to about 10 percent of the price of the vehicle. Is this a normal thing now...
  13. VolunteerHillbilly

    Friday Bishes

    I figured it was a bun in the oven
  14. VolunteerHillbilly

    Windy's football discussion thread.

    Wonder if Vols will ever play against him? Does not seem to be any certainty when TX plays in SEC.
  15. VolunteerHillbilly


    Take the shotgun approach and get a lactating lady to rub you down with dung from hemp-fed cows.
  16. VolunteerHillbilly

    Tracing your ancestry

    Just gonna say be careful with this DNA ancestry stuff. My sister starting sharing some results after a family dinner. What she was saying directly contradicts a well researched and easily verifiable family history that one of our kinsmen prepared awhile back. Now I have questions, and I...
  17. VolunteerHillbilly


    Cow dung is supposed to work. Don’t know why.
  18. VolunteerHillbilly

    The average American has only been to 5 of these places, how about you?

    In addition to San Antonio, I can recall being on riverwalks in Indy and Clarksville.
  19. VolunteerHillbilly

    Jeep Wrangler Unlimited - Any Owners?

    I actually bought 2 JKs in Fall 2017 because I wanted less slope and more steel. At the time, there was a lot of online supposition that the new model was a pussified Jeep. Someday, I will have to drive a JL and see what I missed out on.
  20. VolunteerHillbilly

    Arch Manning open letter…

    The amount of nepotism in football is amazing. I never really understood how pervasive it is until the Oilers moved to Nashville and I got a couple of decades worth of education on the subject. I've seen a lot of kids who should never be on a field after Pop Warner get preferred walk-on offers...

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