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  1. Cartervol

    Dirt to find!!!

    Hell yeah Saban cheats and has cheated in the past. Pruitt's dumbazz thought it was standard operating procedure til he got here and found out otherwise. No cops to help keep his players out of trouble, and no state wide network to cover up the garbage that goes on down there.
  2. Cartervol

    Vols open as early favorites over Florida

    They're going to skull drag Pitt..
  3. Cartervol

    Serious expectations of the defense

    If the strap comes down then it's going to be one hell of a year.
  4. Cartervol

    Serious expectations of the defense

    You got to get off the field on 3rd down. Teams saw the weakness in the middle and exploited it repeatedly. They'll test that deal right off the bat this year. Everyone have plenty of film now on what Tennessee runs. Scheme starts to not be as big a part and it's the players after that, at...
  5. Cartervol

    Saban Lashes Out at A&M - Bama is a NIL Dinosaur

    Got to be good for everyone if little Benedict Arnold is whining this much.
  6. Cartervol

    Good take on our chances of winning a NC again

    Yeah that's the biggest question mark.. The defense can't give up 48 points to teams like Purdue and be taken seriously as NC contender. Defense still wins Championships. Offense sells tickets.
  7. Cartervol

    Geez! Are Over-doing the WR Thing?

    This is what the game is becoming may as well have plenty of options. I'd really like to have a LB that could cover the QB when he runs for 200 yards a game.
  8. Cartervol

    NCAA trying to come down on NIL and collectives

    They opened Pandora's Box but they were warned they would. There needs to be some deadlines to when you can do this or that but as far as the NIL deal, they're probably screwed on that. Little they can do at this point.
  9. Cartervol

    FINALLY feel like football program is on the cusp…

    Second season for a second year coach. We're not there yet. If things keep progressing this way it will happen sooner than later though... I'd say everyone is just fine with that.
  10. Cartervol

    Nick Saban has been "warning us"

    Saban just hates it when people butt in on his private auctions for players. He's where he's at because of stockpiling insane amounts of talent. This puts some doubt in his mind that he can continue to do that. It's a good thing.. We're all tired of Bama basically being a semipro team and...
  11. Cartervol

    Heupel VS Swinney on transfer portal

    He doesn't like it because he's been feeding at the same trough that Saban feeds at.. Now they have to move over and make more room for more mouths.
  12. Cartervol

    So Nick Saban Doesn't Like NIL

    He's mad that it's a public auction now instead of private with just a handful of buyers in the room. This opened the door for some teams that were just not as good at cheating as Bama and he hates that.
  13. Cartervol

    Milton Package

    He ran out of bounds with no time on the clock. He gets mop up duty if he's still here in the fall.
  14. Cartervol

    UT vs UM

    Went ice cold at the worst possible time versus a good shooting team, they also ate our lunch inside and around the paint., that's about it.
  15. Cartervol

    Landing Nico is great, but…

    Elite QB's make up for a lot of mediocre in other areas. Tennessee probably won't be out recruiting the cheaters south of here any time soon so this guy is a big get. We haven't really competed with those teams in a long time. That needs to change. Get a damn win every now and then would be...
  16. Cartervol

    Butthurt Bama Fan on UT Recruiting

    Bama has a infrastructure like no other in college football... That network stretches out like a spiderweb all over the state.
  17. Cartervol

    Butthurt Bama Fan on UT Recruiting

    Bama doesn't like it now that the playing field has been leveled out a little. A&M out recruiting them and now they got beat out of their Arch Manning backup option. Cry me a river of salty tears boys. Where is Cartman to lick them up.
  18. Cartervol

    It’s the same question as in football.

    I'll give Barnes credit for getting us there. Football is a different animal. We can compete in Basketball at the moment, several steps behind in football still.. Back to Barnes. I think the SEC was a little overrated this year. They have crapped the bed in the Tourney so far. I'd let Rick...
  19. Cartervol

    The Official #3 Tennessee vs. #11 Michigan NCAA Tournament Game Thread, 5:50 PM ET, CBS

    I know. We started jacking up 3's and bricking them. You got to play smarter than that. Nothing was real crisp tonight. Looked a step slow. Let them be the aggressors most of the night, especially inside. Guy was getting a lot of friendly whistles too that helped them.
  20. Cartervol

    The Official #3 Tennessee vs. #11 Michigan NCAA Tournament Game Thread, 5:50 PM ET, CBS

    I just think we should of rotated more guys on their bigs. After about 5 minutes into that game i would of had Chandler driving to the hole every possession to try and get those guys in foul trouble. They were obviously going to try play the game in the paint. They massacred us inside. This was...

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