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  1. Orangethumb

    College Football's 13 Worst Coaching Hires of the Past Decade

    Sadly, we could have been on this list more than twice.
  2. Orangethumb

    Sensible JG Observations

    Just because I say he sorta sucked while here, doesn't mean I'm holding a grudge. Good luck to him.
  3. Orangethumb

    Rodney Garner - Great News

    I'd say we have him for the next four. Those killer teams in the 90's don't exist without him.
  4. Orangethumb

    It's bigger than football -Trey Smith-

    Nice. Thanks for posting.
  5. Orangethumb

    Chavis in USFL

    He's made plenty of dough and gotten plenty of awards. At this point, it's just love of the game. Good for him.
  6. Orangethumb

    Vescovi scored just 5 points

    I think Vescovi getting shut down was the difference. Live by the 3, die by the 3.
  7. Orangethumb

    Is this the end of college sports as we know it ?

    Wow, this really is the beginning of the end of college sports. Crazy. Money rules all.
  8. Orangethumb

    Banks on ND DC list

    The D is on the field waaay too long. Partly because we score so often, and so quickly, and partly because they struggle on third down. And struggle is putting it lightly. We need bodies.
  9. Orangethumb

    Rate the season

    I'll go 7. Better than expected, promising, but still have a long way to go.
  10. Orangethumb

    Ole Miss and Purdue

    I see the similarities in feeling like a critical TD overturned by "forward progress was stopped" and teams essentially getting 40 timeouts and killing our rhythm and momentum on offense. Sucks, but we're the guinea pigs for rule changes. Also coincidentally, while playing in the Music City Bowl.
  11. Orangethumb

    Best replay call yet of the screw job

    Ha ha love those announcers. What else can be said about the refs? Sickening.
  12. Orangethumb

    Pitt game in '22 may get tougher

    The difference was the QB play IMO. I'll take Hooker over any QB they have. I think we destroy them next year.
  13. Orangethumb

    Rethinking Heupel & Company

    The forward progress non strip, was a brutal call. Of course, never seen that before until it happens to the Vols.
  14. Orangethumb

    Eat crow on this staff recruiting success

    I'm here to eat. Tasty, don't mind at all.
  15. Orangethumb

    Whole Lotta Banking Going On

    Banks has the fire you can't coach. Just needs to learn to keep his emotions more in check on the field.
  16. Orangethumb

    SO Who You Pulling For ; bama ---uga? Why?

    GA win. Hopefully eliminating AL from playoffs. Then GA gets destroyed in playoff. I don't want either to win the national title.
  17. Orangethumb

    Heup Is Number One!!!

    Who would we possibly hire if CJH leaves?
  18. Orangethumb

    #2 VFL

    VFL! Gonna miss that guy.
  19. Orangethumb

    Sum Up 2021 Regular Season In 3-4 Words

    Pleasantly surprised. Encouraged.
  20. Orangethumb

    Alontae accepts invite to Senior Bowl

    DB's make nice salaries in the NFL. Can't wait to see him on Sundays.

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