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    Pruitt comments on Coach Heupel

    That's what I was thinking. Someone threw their voice in Pruitt's mouth, and #1 that's really unsanitary, and #2 no way he said something that correctly elocuted.
  2. 37620VOL

    Lady Vol Booster Club (the original one) why was it disbanded re NCAA rules

    That's why I said semi-custom. I've always pictured it like the training staff gives each athlete a plan: 'x' grams of protein, carbs, fat, total calories, etc. Seems like it would be easy enough to match that plan with the food items available on any given day and modify the plan as needed...
  3. 37620VOL

    Lady Vol Booster Club (the original one) why was it disbanded re NCAA rules

    Are the training table rules still like that? I would have assumed that each player received a semi-custom diet as suggested by the training staff & nutritionist.
  4. 37620VOL

    Niedermeyer a little bitter?

    Well that's not great. I doubt we get anyone from IMG for the foreseeable future.
  5. 37620VOL

    "Real Concerns on Defense Remain" (Report After Spring)

    It moves the needle. I think you have to judge both the O and the D on a points per possession scale. In the past, I thought 30 points was a good barometer. If the O scored more than 30, they did well; if the D gave up less than 30, they did well. With the extra possessions due to tempo, I now...
  6. 37620VOL

    Justine invited to USA Basketball trial

    Dang Columbia shot 1/24 from 3. That's just sad
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    How difficult it is to win cws

    In basketball, the SEC champion typically wins around 80% of their conference games. In baseball that is more like 70%. Baseball is slightly more random. Without double elimination, you might as well pull names out of a hat. Only once has the #1 seed won the WS. In comparison, 3 overall #1 seeds...
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    New question.

    It was fast. I really only noticed it once they replayed. So easy to balk in that situation; he handled it perfectly.
  9. 37620VOL

    New question.

    I was wondering the same. I think interference and the runner is out.
  10. 37620VOL

    New question.

    It was not a pitchout because he stepped off the rubber.
  11. 37620VOL

    Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) Lady Vols Basketball

    NIL strategy is going to be big. One possibility would to structure it so that everyone on the roster gets a base amount. So level 1 could be a collective of businesses pay each player $x to do a list of promotional activities. Level 2 could be an "eat what you kill" structure so that each...
  12. 37620VOL

    2024 Recruiting Thread

    23 and 24 will be different than the 2 prior years. We're back to face-to-face recruiting, typical on-campus visits, and normal travel ball. Plus there could be some incentive to wait and see if anyone is willing to put an NIL together for you if you're in the Top 100.
  13. 37620VOL

    2023 Recruiting

    In fairness, 5 of those 6 pages were probably bickering over one potential recruit.
  14. 37620VOL

    2024 Recruiting Thread

    I think you're reading too much into it. Athleticism is a big part of an overall "skill set". Coach Sam literally only said "skill set" > "ranking". Where is she wrong, without putting words in her mouth?
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    Tennessee Lady Vol News

    Don't WNBA teams do physicals on the players they are about to draft in the first round? There would have to be multiple negligent doctors for this to be a UT problem. If the knee hadn't been structurally sound, she would not have been drafted as high as she was. Come on people.
  16. 37620VOL

    2024 Recruiting Thread

    Glad we're back to 2024 Recruiting --- any visits upcoming?
  17. 37620VOL

    2024 Recruiting Thread

    I can't think of even 10 NCAA WBB players that shoot a "jump shot" behind the arc. It's all set shots. But like you, I trust the staff on this one. If they like her, she'll get an offer. If not, I'm ok with it.
  18. 37620VOL

    2024 Recruiting Thread

    Not sure what the criticism is here. You would prefer that she take midrange jumpers? What I saw was good 3p form with a fairly quick release. Yes, she will need to be open to shoot threes, but I don't want our players taking contested threes anyway.
  19. 37620VOL

    Next yr starting 5

    I would be shocked if that turns out to be true.

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