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  1. VolSteve

    Tennessee vs The Maxims vs Miami vs The Sugar Bowl - 1986

    I love your stories from our magnificent history and of our beloved Volunteers. This game was extra special to me as it was the first TN game my future wife and I watched. (I jumped and screamed, and she fell asleep on the couch). A few weeks later we were engaged and have been hitched over 36...
  2. VolSteve

    Countdown to September 1st vs Ball State (Top 250 Vols)

    [VIDEO=][w what/VI×wDEO]
  3. VolSteve


    Milton sh should be banned from playing football. Unless he transfers to Bama, Georgia or The Swamp Lizards, in which case he should be the starter.
  4. VolSteve

    Joe Milton has a 47% completion rate

    Milton should never play another snap. Period.
  5. VolSteve

    Hooker injury

    Milton should never again be allowed on a football field after that crap show.
  6. VolSteve

    Hidden Keys to Victory...

    I want to see that JG really did transfer and I didn't just dream that he did.
  7. VolSteve

    T-Rob @ the game still the best arm in UT history

    Now I know who you are RG. Hope all is good with you. I retired in 2014 and moved back to the farm I was raised on in 2015 in Hickman County. Go Vols!
  8. VolSteve

    T-Rob @ the game still the best arm in UT history

    I think we were at the same place! I was AW at Reelfoot when T-Rob got out. I left in 1996 to work in private sector. Trying to figure out who you are.
  9. VolSteve

    T-Rob @ the game still the best arm in UT history

    During my career as a prison Warden, I once had T.R. in one of the prisons I worked at. Walked him out when he was paroled.
  10. VolSteve

    Tennessee vs The Maxims vs Missouri

    I always look forward to your musings and enjoy them all. I particularly enjoyed this one having walked the field of Shiloh many times. One of the books you recommended, Wiley Sword, Shiloh: Bloody April is in my humble opinion the best book on that battle that has been written.
  11. VolSteve

    '21 TN OL William Parker (Tennessee signee)

    Boooommm...all over Alabama!
  12. VolSteve

    If season.. So opening up with Florida.. Win?

    I wish I could like a 1000 times.
  13. VolSteve

    Uncle Lou is extra spicy today!

    You might be incorrect with that statement. I could see Vandy folks voting not to play this year. If I was a pathetic Vandy fan i would be glad to see the season cancelled. (THANK GOD I wasn't raised a Vandy fan). I could see them after a few years bragging about going undefeated in 2020.
  14. VolSteve

    Jeremy Pruitt show online

    To those that disparage Pruitt's speaking ability; would you prefer he speak the language of "Butch"? CP is a refreshing change to my hillbilly ears.
  15. VolSteve

    '20 DC WR Rakim Jarrett (Maryland signee)

    Not saying he is...but those who replace the k with a c when ck are together in a word are usually affiliated with the "Crips" gang.
  16. VolSteve

    Drew Richmond to USC

    Can someone explain just what the heck "social entrepreneurship " is?
  17. VolSteve

    '19 FL OL Chris Akporoghene (Tennessee signee)

    You forgot to include "and ducks pull trucks".

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