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  1. BondJamesBond

    ‘23 FL OT Francis Mauigoa

    4* IIRC, although not highly acclaimed nationally. I recall we thought we stole one. But I remember lots of things wrong.
  2. BondJamesBond

    The Supreme Court of the United States Thread

    Prayers you find answers. Mayo and JH agreed on approach and i was very impressed with JH surgeon for my cancer. I am glad I did what I did, but it may have worked out here too. God bless you.
  3. BondJamesBond

    The Supreme Court of the United States Thread

    I went to another state for cancer surgery. I'm not sure Tennessee or Maryland (Johns Hopkins) would have any reason to prevent me from doing that.
  4. BondJamesBond

    ‘23 CA QB Nicholaus Iamaleava (Tennessee commit)

    Is it okay to post pictures of players handing out teddy bears at Children's Hospital? What is the difference?
  5. BondJamesBond

    ‘23 IL WR Carnell Tate (Ohio State commit)

    How many All American teams does a player have to make to be called an All American?
  6. BondJamesBond

    '21 IL RB Mar’Keise Irving (Oregon commit)

    Sir, you have been on VolNation far too long to think that way.
  7. BondJamesBond

    ‘23 CA QB Nicholaus Iamaleava (Tennessee commit)

    Such a weird movie, but I loved it. I watched it anytime I saw it was on.
  8. BondJamesBond

    ‘23 FL CB Jaremiah Anglin Jr.

    So if anyone has any leftover fish puns from the Herring recruitment, here is your chance to use them.
  9. BondJamesBond

    '21 TN ATH Andre Turrentine (Tennessee signee - Transfer from Ohio St.)

    Something about the promise of potential.
  10. BondJamesBond

    ‘23 CA QB Nicholaus Iamaleava (Tennessee commit)

    I don't think anyone said Nico is the only factor other recruits are considering. And I don't think every recruit has the same decision criteria. There are dozens of models of cars out there and cost, style, color, acceleration, towing capacity, reliability... all are factors when we choose a...
  11. BondJamesBond

    ‘23 CA QB Nicholaus Iamaleava (Tennessee commit)

    I think it is clear to everyone that you will repeat the same point over and over. The question is why? Do you think no one heard you? As you point out, we won't know until signing day.
  12. BondJamesBond

    ‘23 CA QB Nicholaus Iamaleava (Tennessee commit)

    If you are top 5 for ten players, 8 of them will pick another school. For some reason, folks don't seem to get that top 5 or top 3 still means you probably won't get them.
  13. BondJamesBond

    '19 CA ATH/WR Horace "Bru" McCoy (Tennessee commit)

    You only have to be as cool as Les Miles to win a National Championship at LSU. I mean, how cool is that really?
  14. BondJamesBond

    '19 CA ATH/WR Horace "Bru" McCoy (Tennessee commit)

    Five sacks in 25 dropbacks... Sounds like avoiding interceptions and incompletions was a major point of emphasis.
  15. BondJamesBond

    ‘23 GA SDE Victor Burley (Clemson commit)

    Sounds like he is coachable.
  16. BondJamesBond

    London Humphreys CPA WR

    I miss Tony. Well, no.
  17. BondJamesBond

    '22 AZ WR Kyler Kasper (Oregon commit)

    Not even close IMO. So much drama over so many recruits every year. I think today is fresh in your mind but I bet if you go back there is this kind of drama over some recruit every couple of months. Last year we had this much drama over three different QBs, not to mention RBs and DTs. When you...
  18. BondJamesBond

    ‘23 TN OLB Caleb Herring (Tennessee Commit)

    Nothing says VolNation like Jackcrevol objecting to fish puns.

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