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  1. KingtUT

    Kamara on bama sideline?

    Its ok. He identifies as a Vol. Lol.
  2. KingtUT

    UT wins 2021 Cornhole National Championship!!!

    Doesnt matter to who? You? ABSOLUTELY WE ARE.
  3. KingtUT

    UT wins 2021 Cornhole National Championship!!!

    Its a start!! Congrats guys.
  4. KingtUT

    Tim Banks needs to go

    The play bothers me more than the ref's missed call
  5. KingtUT

    Playoff expansion is the wrong way to go

    8 team playoff just seems to make sense to me. 5 conference champs and 3 at large bids. I think the players should get paid by their conference for bowl games. Also no more bowls for 6-6 teams. Jmo
  6. KingtUT

    Tonight revealed one thing…

    And won the turnovers
  7. KingtUT

    Tim Banks needs to go

    As long as 24 and 97 are on the field playing D, we need serious help. Bad. 97 would be lucky to start in the OVC. I thank them for giving their all but we need better. Good Recruiting will solve a lot of our defensive issues.
  8. KingtUT

    Interesting thought on in-state recruiting by Hubbs

    With the new transfer rules, im not so sure it isnt best for us to miss out on in state talent at first. Let them go explore, learn, and then realize its time to come home. ??
  9. KingtUT

    Like him or not, Kiffin is spot on…

    I like the one time transfer, dont like the NIL
  10. KingtUT


    Its a free world. Its the internet. Who cares. For all you know, it could be imposters posing as UT fans. Jmo
  11. KingtUT

    Sorry but its getting old [Barnes discussion]

    Gotta love Volnation. o_O
  12. KingtUT

    '22 TN DT Walter Nolen (Texas A&M commit)

    Not that impressed by this guy but hey, he has stars!
  13. KingtUT

    GT rb Jamyr Gibbs enters portal

    Gibbs is legit. Would be huge!
  14. KingtUT

    What is Huepel’s worth to you?

    Recruiting is important without a doubt but as long as the class isnt bad (out of the top 25), i dont see a reason for worry. We still have hurdles to jump to get all the Pruitt stains off and kids know that. As long as recruiting gets better each year until we are consistently in the top...
  15. KingtUT

    What is Huepel’s worth to you?

    Its never gonna happen but id like to see his pay based on performance. Maybe a 5.5 million base with bonuses based on wins starting at 9 wins. 9 wins gets extra 500k, 10 wins gets 1 mil, 11 gets 2 mil, 12 gets 3 mil. Other bonuses for bowl games, etc. Going 12-0 he would make 9 mil...
  16. KingtUT

    What is Huepel’s worth to you?

    We currently only pay more than Vandy, S.Car, and Arkansas. Is that where we want to be? I can easily see him getting a raise to 5.5 to 6 mil. And I think hes worth it. Jmo. What i really want to see is an insane buyout to go along with a raise.
  17. KingtUT

    What is Huepel’s worth to you?

    Regardless of whether your worried about him leaving or not, what should UT pay him just to keep him happy and not looking? Has he earned a raise based of this years performance? Just curious what you think he's worth with all these big contracts getting signed. 5,6,7,8 million?? For...
  18. KingtUT

    Average margin of loss to big 3 (career)

    If the goal was to not lose by a bunch, im sure we couldve accomplished that. We played aggressive and tried to win without worrying about the final score was going to be. I like that approach much better than stalling so the other team doesnt score as much. Not interested in moral...
  19. KingtUT

    V O L S letters

    Oh my. lol

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