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  1. goooooovols

    ‘23 NC WR Nathan Leacock

    NIL marketing - Le’cock on the loose!
  2. goooooovols

    Final OV Weekend of the Summer

    While I feel like recruiting is going well I think it’s imperative that they close the deal with a few of these kids this weekend.
  3. goooooovols

    Anyone in the transfer portal were looking at?

    Oh deer! Sounds like the makings of a great player!!!
  4. goooooovols

    Recruiting forum off topic thread (no politics, covid, or hot button issues)

    Can you be more specific as to how you feel the NIL opportunities, or lack there of are hurting Tennessee? Like dollars, cents… Not trying to be a smart ass but there always seem to be an array of posters who claim to be close to situations but never offer real information outside of “it’s...
  5. goooooovols

    Arizona Tickets

    Questions for those in the know... My family and I will be in town for the Arizona Game, wondering if I should buy tickets ahead of time or are tickets readily available to buy the day of the game (scalp?)?
  6. goooooovols

    Tiyon Evans officially has entered transfer portal

    I hope small runs for 500 tomorrow
  7. goooooovols

    Hendon Hooker Leads Nation in Critical Stat

    Don’t you mean 15 game season 😉
  8. goooooovols

    Saturday could be the last time Neyland can hold 100k+

    I’d stay home and watch on tv before I’d ever waste an entire day to climb five story to watch football… this is the case for almost all of America and is why all large sporting venues are looking for ways to better the game day experience. I can guarantee one thing it won’t include building...
  9. goooooovols

    Saturday could be the last time Neyland can hold 100k+

    I’m a proponent of switching out the bleachers for chairs and going down to 80k or so seats for a better in stadium experience.
  10. goooooovols

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    Honestly yes, I really think Mullen is an alright coach, weirdo… but decent coach
  11. goooooovols

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    If so who does Baylor hire? Herman, Briles Jr? Mullen?
  12. goooooovols

    49'ers cut Jalen Hurd

    I’ve been watching and rooting for CP all year thinking Hurd should be playing a similar hybrid position, kid has too much talent to do nothing.
  13. goooooovols

    Can we realistically expect improvement next year?

    I see a real possibility of 10 wins if we are same talent as this year…
  14. goooooovols

    Announcers on Sat night

    This is BS… I’ve watched a bunch of football, this was up there as the worst commentators I’ve ever heard. There are high school commentators doing a much better job than these NATIONALLY TELEVISED talents.
  15. goooooovols

    '22 TN QB Luther Richesson

    Are we actively recruiting this guy?
  16. goooooovols

    Six UK players charged...

    Soak it in cider.
  17. goooooovols

    What'll Fix 3rd Down D?

    Totally agree or bringing more pressure, corner blitz, on third
  18. goooooovols

    It's happening [Dark Mode]

    This is exciting, fun and adds to the game experience… makes people want to show up… hope they play some star wars, AC/DC and make it fun

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