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    ‘23 GA LB Jeremiah Telander (Tennessee commit)

    I wouldn’t even take Pruitt to Forrest Gump the field!
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    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    Wheeler didn’t impress me in the few Ky games I watched this season but, he did lead the SEC in assists per game so maybe someone who watched most of Ky’s games would have a different take?
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    Road Rage

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    Former Vol Aaron Willis lands at Houston

    All weed dealers on the Houston campus are on high alert!
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    ‘23 VA ATH Cameron Seldon

    How many epipens does it take for you to survive a game thread?
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    ‘23 UT EDGE Tausili Akana

    Is that his mom or sister? The resemblance is strong!
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    Road Rage

    First off, I wouldn’t believe anything concerning the law based solely on what a single police officer said. Secondly, you have an extremely calm demeanor if getting honked at doesn’t trigger you in any way!
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    ‘23 TN RB DeSean Bishop

    My kids went to private schools so I paid for other parent’s kids school. Why anyone is complaining about contributing to educate the young people in our country is lame. And last I heard, schools received money based on student size not on the property taxes collected of the surrounding...
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    stock market was up today...

    Living up to your VN name I see
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    Kennedy Chandler's future? [drafted No.38 to Memphis]

    So Allan Iverson wouldn’t have been drafted into today’s nba?
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    stock market was up today...

    Don’t know if it’s accurate, but I recall reading when SS started the average number of years folks received benefits was 3. Maybe thats why the 3 year limit was originally set?
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    stock market was up today...

    Thought the minimum was 10 years of contributions to qualify for any benefits?
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    All things STOCKS

    Are you confident enough in that prediction to put some money back in? I’m not
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    All things STOCKS

    Certainly went against the trend of ending the week lower
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    '20 DC FS Mordecai McDaniel (FL commit)

    Trying to put the cornbread stench behind us! Plenty of equal or better options out there
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    Team News (current roster)

    In BHH’s defense, it appeared he was trying to buy in to the coaching as the season progressed. Seems like outside influences were behind the off-season change. JMO
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    Kennedy Chandler's future? [drafted No.38 to Memphis]

    One thing I was pleasantly surprised with this season was how neither of our smallish guards appeared to get physically overpowered by bigger opponents. Maybe CRB’s team defense contributed there, but it seemed like both guys had the core strength that allowed them to hold their position
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    Kennedy Chandler's future? [drafted No.38 to Memphis]

    IIRC, Paul played 3 years in college so unless you only compare freshmen seasons those aren’t an accurate comparison. My question was in relation to the post saying the nba drafts on potential only and KC couldn’t improve his draft stock as he was always going to be held down by his height. I...

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