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  1. russahouse

    Old Vol baseball fans, what happened with Rod Delmonico and….

    I didn't realize how special Delmonico era until we suffered through Raleigh and Serrano. Everyone thought Serrano was HR hire.
  2. russahouse

    Former Vol OL John Bruhin has passed away

    I played against both at the same time in HS BB and it was terrifying. Rest In Peace.
  3. russahouse

    Rickea Jackson to Tennessee

    I wanted to like this about 1,000 times
  4. russahouse

    Gameday Handicap Accessible Parking?

    First of all, sorry to hear of your injury! My sincere response to your difficult situation is consistent with UT - if you do not have a parking pass, UT advises ticket holders to take a shuttle service. Football Gameday Thinking outside the box, I would have someone drop me off at one of the...
  5. russahouse

    Has there ever been VolNation Tailgate?

    Official Gator Bowl Roll Call & Tailgate thread
  6. russahouse

    Jeff Hall is educating the Knoxville Chapter of TN Society of CPAs today.

    Good to hear. Mr. Rather dominated my school on numerous occasions in HS basketball. Very good guy I got to know well at UT-K.
  7. russahouse

    1998 Arkansas Fumble...

    Agree, after watching the movie Greater (The story of Brandon Burlsworth, possibly the greatest walk-on in the history of college football) on Netflix and highlights again, the late lineman from Arkansas takes the blame away from the QB. When I was at the game it all happened too fast and we...
  8. russahouse


    Contributing what I know from keeping the fam watching basketball, football, and baseball: -watch most on YouTubeTV (ESPN, SECN, and other television networks) -stream many games on SECN+ (this is not a television network per the SEC website); we connect television HDMI to laptop -don't get...
  9. russahouse

    Question about today

    Game day info Football Gameday Information
  10. russahouse

    Do we go outside of the family?

    Staley - UVA McGraw - St Joe’s Geno - West Chester Mulkey - La Tech
  11. russahouse

    Are we a tourney team?

    I'd say yes comparing our last trip to Orlando with this one...will know more after game on Sunday.

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