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  1. DonDiego

    The 24 Hour Rule

    I hate to be that guy, and I'm sure this has been addressed, but is it right one butt hurt ref, with a chip on his shoulder, hating on all the cockiness and 'mouthiness' coming from a team should be able to maybe change the whole course of the CWS? The dude kicked maybe our best player out for...
  2. DonDiego

    Pick’em - Notre Dame - Sunday, go big or go home

    Over Over Double Oh, it was the greatest mix up, that you have ever seen Me father, he was orange And me mother, she was green
  3. DonDiego

    Transfer Portal Numbers

    So many more out than in, they could start their own league...Johnny Majors League of the Miserables
  4. DonDiego

    Starting rotation invited to national team

    They're missing out on Blade this year if he's eligible.
  5. DonDiego

    Pick'em - Notre Dame - Game 1

    Over Over Double
  6. DonDiego

    Pick'em Points Update and Cut......

    Tied for 22nd. Cut line shoulda been Thanks OT for all your hard work.
  7. DonDiego

    Watch Party Outside of LNS

    Will be the wearin' of the green vs the wearin' of the orange. Classic opponents!
  8. DonDiego

    Evan Russell not available tonight (Friday) now AVAILABLE

    You are definitely one of my favorite posters....good guy
  9. DonDiego

    The Official #1 Tennessee vs GA Tech Regional Game Thread Sunday June 5th (7PM EST ESPNU)

    Ya know, TV hasn't consulted with me in awhile, but I gotta say, after Campbell laid waste to Dol last night, why don't we shorten our bats and wear Maxwell down--a long time ago. Just freaking hit foul balls. Every at bat don't gotta be a HR
  10. DonDiego

    Vols should pursue against ESPN....

    I'm no lawyer, but I suspect we all have no real choice but to let it go. They apologized and said it was a mistake, there are no proven tangible damages, so what is there to really sue over? Real lawyers weigh in ?
  11. DonDiego

    Evan Russell not available tonight (Friday) now AVAILABLE

    I've been worried a lot recently about your pet peeves. I'll work on it sir.
  12. DonDiego


    I've gotta say, Kirby has become one of my favorite Vols ever. I love CTV, but with all due respect, Kirby could have handled more innings this year. A really good pitcher, an obviously very fine and well raised young man, and a very good team spokesman. Great job Kirby parents.
  13. DonDiego

    Evan Russell not available tonight (Friday) now AVAILABLE

    If the drug test thing turns out to be wrong, I hope ER and the entire Tennessee program sues their asses off for reporting stuff without verification. Use the money for NIL.
  14. DonDiego

    Chance for “Classless” Vol Fans to Show Out

    Hi, Jean ??? What this person has to do with Tennessee or Campbell baseball, I'm still not sure, but I'm good for $20.
  15. DonDiego


    Garrett Funny skit.
  16. DonDiego

    ‘22 NJ OL Savion Herring - JUCO (Tennessee Commit)

    So, after reading all these assessments, not a about a bang?o_O Dude might turn out to be a stud.
  17. DonDiego

    Take it for what it’s worth & don’t shoot the messenger.

    Give it up, brother. I'd say 90% of your negative responses were from people who live on this board. Check out their post numbers. They live to give people crap, for some reason. You get likes from me. Thanks for sharing what you heard from your friend.

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