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  1. volsrock09

    The Cardinals are going to TROT...

    If they do, hopefully they're smart enough to pull him when he needs to be pulled.
  2. volsrock09

    The Cardinals are going to TROT...

    I doubt he ever plays. May not even make it through 1st rd of cuts to play in Preseason as an UDFA. However, he made it a lot further than I could've. Hope he's able to live his dream out for a bit.
  3. volsrock09

    Ohio State DB Andre Turrentine transferring to Tennessee

    Look at him trying to not get his hands dirty😝
  4. volsrock09

    Why do the gators have our number?

    They feel the pressure from the fan base, imo. All year leading up to the game is can UT beat UF. The players feed off that and play extremely tight. Even in 2016 they played so tight they were dropping passes and making mistakes they shouldn't make. Eventually they just said F it and let loose...
  5. volsrock09

    The Greatest Rewatchable Tennessee Football Game Of All Time

    While the AF game was a close game, I wouldn't think UT fans would be thrilled about playing them close. Or want to relive what happened in the closing minutes.
  6. volsrock09

    SEC Shorts

    Last time I went to the SC/UT game was 2019. This dude in front of me was a complete a**hat. It was sweet when he left early after the 2nd half blowout in our favor.
  7. volsrock09

    Heupel VS Swinney on transfer portal

    I believe the reason in the 2 mindsets differ based on their current roster situations. UT needs to utilize the portal for quick fixes until their roster is up to par with their competition. Clemson already has one of the best rosters in the country allowing him to be more picky with who he...
  8. volsrock09

    UT vs Ball State opening night is now Thursday night

    She's gotta work Friday because she didn't want to take time off with us taking off time off a couple weeks later and again in October. She's never been to a game at Neyland so she doesn't know what she's missing yet.
  9. volsrock09

    So Nick Saban Doesn't Like NIL

    When his players have flashed 100s like a deck of cards on Twitter and Instagram. They've been paying players since he's been there.
  10. volsrock09

    UT vs Ball State opening night is now Thursday night

    The 1st is my wife's birthday. I got the ok to go to the game instead so we can celebrate on Saturday night🤣. Might be a trap but oh well.
  11. volsrock09

    Jeremy Pruitt was ahead of his time

    They both inherited a dumpster fire. Dooley, however was a worse coach in my opinion. He had a loaded offensive roster and coached them to a losing record. In fact, he never had a winning record at UT. Including 2 late game losses in 2010. I wont completely blame him for the bowl game against...
  12. volsrock09

    Die hard flying down for the Florida game!

    Im going to the game, but I'll always be nervous about the UF game no matter how much better UT appears to be. Until the clock hits 00:00 I won't get my hopes up too much. There's been plenty of times UT should've beaten UF over the last 15 years and still found a way to lose.
  13. volsrock09

    LNS dimensions compared to Swayze Field dimensions

    There's no way Ole Miss didnt take them serious with it being a top 5 match up. Ole Miss just came in overconfident so they're making excuses to make themselves feel better about their performance.
  14. volsrock09

    Butthurt Bama Fan on UT Recruiting

    Please, straight out of Sabans mouth Bryce Young makes 7 figures off of NIL.
  15. volsrock09

    The Josh Heupel offense took down 8 school records in Year 1

    When you have Defense as good as UGA, your job is to not screw it up and turn the ball over. Put Bennett on the Vols, maybe 3 wins. On most college and NFL teams, the great teams have great QBs.
  16. volsrock09

    The Official Tennessee vs. Purdue Music City Bowl Game Thread, 3:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Dont do that to me...I thought the game was cancelled hahah
  17. volsrock09

    The Official Tennessee vs. Purdue Music City Bowl Game Thread, 3:00 PM ET, ESPN

    I thought I read that Wright was out for tomorrow too? If that's the case, their QB could have a rough day with only playing with receiver's that have caught 1200 yards and 10 TDs this season once you take away Wright and Bells production for the year. He will probably look like a Heisman...
  18. volsrock09

    What Other Message Boards are Saying- Purdue

    Unfortunately, the season comes to a close tomorrow. It has been fun this year watching the Vols grow. Lets WTFA tomorrow and get onto the 2022 season. UT fans mingling with the enemy, but Purdue fans have been respectful that I have seen. They think Bell and Karlaftis would win the game for...
  19. volsrock09

    Who inherited a worse situation, and did better with it? Heupel or Shane Beamer?

    For me, its Heupel. At best, UT was on a level playing field with talent/returning players. Couple that with the distractions of the investigation and all the players that wanted out of their NLI because of Pruitts firing (probably also due to no money bags either) and UT has exceeded...
  20. volsrock09

    Purdue Picks

    Hopefully the O comes out as crisp as they were coming out of the Bye week this year against UK.

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