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  1. smokey15

    What color Vol license plate to get?

    Same- looked for a while and gave up. Bought a black mirrored plain tag and got a buddy of mine who owns a sign shop to cut the vinyl for me. Any sign sho could handle it- or anyone with a Cricut would work too.
  2. smokey15

    What color Vol license plate to get?

    Black or silver- orange will look to aubie with the navy. Jmho
  3. smokey15

    Kickoff song?

  4. smokey15

    Probably too early to know -

    Sat Feb 26, we play Iona in Baseball and Auburn in Basketball both at home. What are chances they'll be at different times so we can see both? Assuming TV will drive the Basketball game time, would baseball make attempt to play at different time to draw bigger crowd? Would love to come up...
  5. smokey15

    Need 3 for Feb26 Auburn Bball game

    Prefer lower level / sidelines if possible. Thanks. GBO
  6. smokey15

    Where to stay? 2nd time in Neyland

    We love the Turkey Creek area on I40 just before you get to town. Lots of good restaurants, shopping - etc. Lots of hotels there - but prices are crazy this weekend.
  7. smokey15

    It's happening [Dark Mode]

    Not gonna Lie, Love it! My kids are jacked! Was fortunate enough to be there Halloween night in 09 when we did this the last time. Can't wait.
  8. smokey15

    Plays Since 98 That You Wish John Ward Had Called?

    Fairly certain it wouldn't have been "What a turn of events"
  9. smokey15

    Looking for 4 for USC

    Home side lower level preferred but not required - bringing the family from South Ga. GBO.
  10. smokey15

    Fourth down call - Could they have run a play call worse than that?

    If that's the case - and I'm not doubting you - just haven't heard the clip of Heupel saying that - then that might be the worst play call in history. I've assumed since Saturday it was a read and Hooker just screwed the pooch and didn't pull it. An inside zone on the goal line from shot...
  11. smokey15

    Tim priest

    “Bob who can be stale at times”….. what a turn of events. SMH
  12. smokey15

    Are we home or visitor tomorrow?

    Haven’t figured it out yet- isn’t higher seed- and doesn’t look like it’s top or bottom of bracket that dictates it.
  13. smokey15

    Parking for Hoover

    Question for anyone that's been - Got the all session passes - but they were sold out of the parking passes. Are there other lots? If so how much etc.....thanks.
  14. smokey15

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Missouri

    Vols 31 Mizzou 20 229
  15. smokey15

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk [RIP 9.3.2019]

    1/2 this board will have no idea who that is. 😂
  16. smokey15

    ISO 2 Tix Jan 19 vs Alabama

    Never been to a game at TBA - want to bring my son up - part of Christmas present. Would prefer decent lower level seats. Thanks.
  17. smokey15

    ISO 4 tix for Mizzou Lower level

    ISO 4 tix for Mizzou lower level - closer to field the better. Bringing my 2 kids and they like to sit close. Let me know if you have anything available. Thx.
  18. smokey15

    Little help please

    1. Thanks for the help. 2. Was just looking to see if anyone had contact info for coach - they don't check email 3. I know what college guys are looking for - Just had a kid commit to another school in SEC - this isn't our first time having these conversations. 4. I've got most other...
  19. smokey15

    Little help please

    That’s correct volfan. This isn’t my 1st kid (not my personal kid reporter- one of my players) being recruited at this level. Coaches can’t contacttalk to him yet -unless on campus. I’m coming up from so ga. For a game or 2 This fall and was wanting to ask about bringing him.... if they’d...

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