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    Yes BHH , you can play!

    Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t he supposed to still be in high school this year?
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    Chase McGrath returning - Definitely good news!

    I agree with the aggressiveness, but would've liked to seen him get yardage to make the kick easier. The devil's advocate to this is, on the second throw that's probably a TD if Tillman wasn't grabbed (Horrible no call). If they connect on that then other stuff is mute point in all likelihood.
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    Players Sitting out Bowl game

    Even though I don't like the idea of skipping the bowl game I get it. What I don't understand and correct me if I'm wrong, Isn't Alontae playing in the Senior Bowl? If so, then I have a problem with them skipping the bowl game.
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    Had To Share Again

    M . Me too. If this don’t get you hyped then you have no soul!! Go Vols
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    That ones on Hooker

    Don’t get the must win at all. We were playing with house money. We played well but not well enough to beat #1. I like that we went for it on 4th down instead of settling for field goals just to put points the board. If we only were down less than 14 then kick, but you’re not gonna beat those...
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    How I feel after that win

    My wife had to remind me that Jesus was her Lord too because all I could scream at the TV was my Lord lol. Go Vols!!! Glad to get the win.
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    What's the coldest Tennessee game you've attended?

    TN vs Notre Dame 1990 at Neyland. Notre Dame was ranked #1 and I believe we were 12. We had Dale Carter and the had Rocket. I bought scalpers tickets $70 each 13 rows up right in the middle of the Notre Dame fans. Didn’t know that at the time of purchase. It was before the north end zone top...
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    Proud of how hard they played

    For all the things that went wrong 1. Muffed punt after a stop that was followed by a score. 2. Cade injury 3. The touchdown taken away for whatever reason 4. Untimely penalties 5. More ref issues 6. The fiasco at the end 7. Hooker injury 8. The near miss by Tilman 9. The last play (I’ll leave...
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    The Official Tennessee vs. #13 Ole Miss Game Thread, 7:30 PM ET, SEC Network

    where is the play calling we've had the last couple of games??? No creativity at all
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    The Official Tennessee vs. #13 Ole Miss Game Thread, 7:30 PM ET, SEC Network

    He has to be the most appalling announcer on TV. He's a whoever is the higher ranked homer.
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Ole Miss

    UT 55 Ole Miss 38 Total Yds 1137
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    while this game is exciting what does a loss do for the program moving forward?

    Win the games we are supposed to. Maybe win a game or two we aren’t supposed to. Play hard in all of the games. Even if we get down big, don’t stop playing. Continue with player development. I’m already happy with the product we have seen on the field so far, especially the defense. And it’s...
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: South Carolina

    UT 49 SC 17 225 rush yards
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Missouri

    UT 42 MIZZOU 27 Warren 37
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Tennessee Tech

    UT 59 Tech 7 Total yards allowed 202
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Pittsburgh

    UT-31 Pitt-24 212 yards
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    Best single play

    There are so many to choose from and all the above are like walking through a time lapse of Tennessee greatness. I'll throw out one that may not get much recognition because we lost, but it was the Arkansas game within last 5-8 years ( can't remember the year). Evan Berry returned the opening...
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    The most heartbreaking Tennessee Football loss according to you?

    I was at the 90 game with ND. I bought scalper tickets for $70 each. ND was #1 and I think we were #12 (I could be wrong on our ranking). I remember Dale Carter knocking rocket Ismael out for a bit of the game. I believe Andy Kelly was picked off late in the 4th quarter on a pass that...

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