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  1. volsgurlinNC

    Orange and White Game roll call

    We will be there 2 from Charlotte and 2 from Kingsport.
  2. volsgurlinNC

    O&W game day questions

    I heard the Vol Village would be open and that has lots of fun stuff for the little ones to do. It has food, games & prizes, face painting, cheerleaders usually show up, have pictures made with Smokey. They will all love it!!
  3. volsgurlinNC

    Smokey Grey question....

    I like the smokey grey and black jerseys and will continue to wear mine on occasion.
  4. volsgurlinNC

    Coaches Need Us

    Hubby and I are coming from Charlotte and meeting parents in Gatlinburg for a long weekend of fun times and football. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Neyland on Saturday.
  5. volsgurlinNC

    Orange and White game promo video

    We will be there - 2 from Charlotte and 2 from Kingsport - GO VOLS!!!
  6. volsgurlinNC

    Live in the now please

    I agree 100% and thanks for saying it.
  7. volsgurlinNC

    Georgia is our Kryptonite?

    Georgia fans on Twitter are pissed and I love it........GO VOLS!!!
  8. volsgurlinNC

    Rothstein: Tennessee is a darkhorse Final Four team

    I love this quote "punched directly in the mouth by a team that can beat anyone on a given night." GO VOLS!!!
  9. volsgurlinNC

    S is for Schofield

    Schofield is so fun to watch. He is having a blast out there.
  10. volsgurlinNC

    Highlights of Tennessee's dismantling of Miss. State

    Awesome game last night. Way to go Basketball Vols!!!
  11. volsgurlinNC

    Bituli discussion

  12. volsgurlinNC

    Orange and White game time set

    Look forward to going this year. Going to make it a long weekend in Gatlinburg with the in-laws too. GO VOLS!!!
  13. volsgurlinNC

    Trevor Daniel

    I was happy to see the Panthers give Palardy the punter position and he has done a great job for us.
  14. volsgurlinNC

    Albert Haynesworth. The worst is over

    So, did anyone actually read the article? It's well written and worth the time to check out that is if you have time between the marathons, street fighting and GO VOLS!!!
  15. volsgurlinNC

    Alvin Kamara Appreciation Thread (merged)

    Alvin Kamara knew going in that he would be fined for wearing the Christmas cleats. He was even given a warning at halftime and given the opportunity to take them off and he still decided to wear them and get fined. Not a big deal to him so should not be a big deal to us either.
  16. volsgurlinNC

    2018 Football Schedule

    I'm so excited to have the first game of the season right here in Charlotte at BOA Stadium. GO VOLS!!
  17. volsgurlinNC

    Would you support Les Miles hire?

    Can someone tell me what happened to Leach at a previous school? Something about him locking a player with a concussion in a room or something. I can't remember all the details. Is that the type of person we want here? I mean we already heard about Butch degrading players. Les just likes to...
  18. volsgurlinNC

    Was Proud of Volnation, but...

    Sports talk radio show here in Charlotte has talked about Tennessee the past two mornings on my drive to work. We have ruined GS chance of ever being a head coach anywhere else but let's not mention he sucks as a head coach. I turned the station and started listening to Christmas music......LOL
  19. volsgurlinNC

    Butch contacting commits?

    Why did Butch still have access to his phone to call recruits? They should have turned that off before they fired him.
  20. volsgurlinNC

    Texas A&M/UT

    My husband and his Alabama friend were talking over the weekend about possible coaches for TN. He asked how we would feel about Lane Kiffin coming back and husband said no not after the way he left us even though it could be a smart move. His buddy said what if Lane ends up coaching the Gators?

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