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  1. ShowSomePride

    '22 SC SF Julian Phillips (Tennessee commit)

    Brown played on the same Sunrise team as Chandler yeah? Kid was really impressive. Would be a total win if Phillips was that good.
  2. ShowSomePride

    '22 SC SF Julian Phillips (Tennessee commit)

    While I agree about Auburn not making a FF the rest of this comment is a terrible take.
  3. ShowSomePride

    College Hoops Around The Country [TN opponents, RPI, others]

    They have 10 losses. Next closest is Texas with 8. Crazy they are still ranked.
  4. ShowSomePride

    Postseason Expectations after the Kentucky win

    I would be perfectly happy with a S16. Just worried about our play away from home to feel confident for any more.
  5. ShowSomePride

    The Official “Regular Posters of the Basketball Forum” Thread

    I actually like it. I think we take Nova in a re-march and we've already beaten the 1 seed in our region in that draw (although beating a great time twice feels is very hard)
  6. ShowSomePride

    Official Watch Party Thread (NCAAT seeding edition)

    Yes he had a 5 year show clause at Indiana in his second year.
  7. ShowSomePride

    The Official “Regular Posters of the Basketball Forum” Thread

    Agreed. Mashack seems to keep passing up open looks, but I don't know what his direction from Barnes is because he seems to play when we need extra defense.
  8. ShowSomePride

    Official Watch Party Thread (NCAAT seeding edition)

    If Sampson were a few years younger I would love for him to follow after Barnes. He's done great things at Houston.
  9. ShowSomePride

    BTO’s South Carolina Postgame Report

    Perhaps. JRich was an incredible on-ball defender and had a nasty mid range game. If JJJ continues to improve his 3 ball it might be similar.
  10. ShowSomePride

    Is KC really a first round pick?

    Also a really weak PG class this year it seems. Might not be the case next year.
  11. ShowSomePride

    Sorry but its getting old [Barnes discussion]

    All of our losses are Q1 and away from home. We're right on track with expectations for the season. What "fade"?
  12. ShowSomePride

    The Official “Regular Posters of the Basketball Forum” Thread

    I think it's obvious that KC is much more athletic and has considerably better handles. His potential is much higher than Santi, and I love Santi. But to his credit Santi has improved considerably every year so he could surprise a bunch of people.
  13. ShowSomePride

    BTO’s Vanderbilt Postgame Report

    Plavsic player of the game.
  14. ShowSomePride

    BTO’s Kentucky Postgame Report

    Really love the energy that QD brings when he's in the game. He seems so excited to get minutes, and he also seems to be always hype on the bench.
  15. ShowSomePride

    The Official #22 Tennessee vs. South Carolina Game Thread, 6:30 PM ET, SEC Network

    I'm no expert but I didn't see any set and shoots for him.
  16. ShowSomePride

    BTO’s LSU Postgame Report

    Agreed about JJJ given how early in the shot clock he took some of those 3s, but most/all of his shots he was open and set already and still cannot make. His lack of offensive firepower really hurts the team because we can't afford to sit him given his defense
  17. ShowSomePride

    Thoughts On Possible Interior Presence

    I agree he's starting to look better.
  18. ShowSomePride

    Is that Fulky out there or Grant Williams?!?

    Love seeing him finally aggressively going for rebounds. He played well.

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