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  1. carsontwin

    Changing Billboards Monday morning...

    At least things are getting more interesting now......even if they are rumors. Hope things moves fast so we can hold on to some of these recruits. December comes fast for NSD.
  2. carsontwin

    Hurd Kamara Photo Edit

    Looks good. Very nice.
  3. carsontwin

    You are now Tennessee’s Offensive Coordinator: What is your Game Plan vs. Alabama?

    Just dont turn the ball over. We have a good "chance" if we can do this. GBO!
  4. carsontwin

    The Streak Buster Thread!!

    Just need to not have any turnovers or it will be a long game. If we keep the turnover margin low we have a chance. You never know what can happen thats why I love college football. GBO!
  5. carsontwin

    2013 Orange and White game

    Il be there from Carson, VA with my bro and buddy.
  6. carsontwin

    UT vs UVA dec. 5. Who's going?

    i hope to be there. What time does it start? I live in the Petersburg area
  7. carsontwin

    Dooley has us back in the top 25

    Damn right! Florida game cant get here fast enough!
  8. carsontwin

    Dooley on 104.5 Friday morning

    Im excited to see what Dooley has for us fans this year! Its going to be great to be a VOLS fan! GBO
  9. carsontwin

    Seriously, what's the point?

    Im glad someone other than me understands the situation we are in. Thank you for the comment
  10. carsontwin

    Seriously, what's the point?

    Give Dooley a chance. He is the right man for the job. He should have more sucess this year b/c we got more talent in now. Lets hope for a great year. GBO
  11. carsontwin

    Does Robison offer mean something

    Man I hope we end up with a strong recruiting class. Sal is a recruiting machine.
  12. carsontwin

    Does Robison offer mean something

    DD and Co. are looking for smart and athletic guys. Robison is one of them guys.
  13. carsontwin

    Does Robison offer mean something

    He seems pretty legit. probally just overlooked
  14. carsontwin

    WR next year

    I say Bowles. He seems to have the right mind set and ready to compete. Should be great to see.
  15. carsontwin

    ESPN grades Stokes

    oh yea no doubt. Just give him time
  16. carsontwin

    Which Redshirt Freshmen will surprise the most this year?

    Harris... He is going to be a good one. I just have that feeling.
  17. carsontwin

    Injury report?

    I dont think any of them were serious. Banged up
  18. carsontwin

    Whats wrong

    Yea thats what im hoping for. I think Worley settles down a little and moves this offense down the field some. Our D is looking better every game. Just hope the road game @ Arky doesnt distract Worley.

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