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  1. Cpatter4

    In retrospect to 2021…. man Heupel had some bad luck

    Watching this makes me sick to my stomach all over again. As big as Milton is I think that run could have been a TD. Does Jauan Jennings have any eligibility left? Lol. He would have dragged about 3 defenders into the end zone with him if he knew winning the game rested on that run.
  2. Cpatter4

    Which duo would you take for a season?

    Honestly I still can’t decide. I agree that Tillman is the more pure WR. Jennings was a WR with a RB/LB mentality. He lived for the contact. SO FAR, I think Hendon is more accurate, but Dobbs had a way of dragging the entire team to a win. A tough choice for sure but I think you’re winning...
  3. Cpatter4

    Which duo would you take for a season?

    I think we can all agree that Hendon and Tillman are proving to be quite the reliable connection so I don’t want anyone to mistake this as a diss to anyone. It’s more of a random thought I had after just rewatching the Dobbs Nail Boot and I wanted to know what other Vol fans thought. So if you...
  4. Cpatter4

    Official grief thread

    You know it will. There’s a section of our fanbase that wants to be right no matter what. This section can be broken up further. A subset will make negative declarations and judgements without allowing coaches to prove themselves first. And then another subset will give any coach with the power...
  5. Cpatter4

    Vols land 5-star QB Nico Iamaleava

    I’m willing to bet that the people contributing to Spyre are the last to complain. In fact they (I count myself in that number) are celebrating.
  6. Cpatter4

    Sorry but its getting old [Barnes discussion]

    I’ve said it time and time again. I like Barnes. He was brought in to stabilize the program. He’s accomplished that goal and for that I’m grateful. But it seems people are expecting and demanding him to all of a sudden do something that doesn’t match his 35 years of head coaching history. He’s...
  7. Cpatter4

    BTO’s SECT Kentucky Postgame Report

    Barnes Owns Cal Nothing like Kentucky tears with my Sunday morning coffee.
  8. Cpatter4

    ‘23 CA QB Nicholaus Iamaleava (Tennessee commit)

    Yes unless he handed over the exclusive rights to use his NIL to the collective. In that case yes he could transfer but his ability to earn NIL money at another school not named Tennessee would be almost impossible. And from the article it sounds like he might have done that.
  9. Cpatter4

    ‘23 CA QB Nicholaus Iamaleava (Tennessee commit)

    Agreed! I’m not sure what some people are waiting on. This new NIL landscape is the great equalizer. Our fates are no longer SOLELY in the hands of wealthy boosters. (There may be other locker room issues that coaches will have to deal with). But we have the fanbase big enough to buy any recruit...
  10. Cpatter4

    ‘23 CA QB Nicholaus Iamaleava (Tennessee commit)

    I’m already contributing to the 1951 Club. If we land Nico I’m absolutely moving up to the next tier. We need some SEC talent around him.
  11. Cpatter4

    Would you want Bruce Pearl back? [Pearl discussion — merged]

    Well if you look at his record, in 6 years here at Tennessee Pearl went to the Sweet 16 twice and the Elite Eight once. So he was well within his typical success range of Sweet 16 or better every other year. Granted, Barnes did inherit a rebuilding project but Pearl has achieved more in 6 years...
  12. Cpatter4

    Would you want Bruce Pearl back? [Pearl discussion — merged]

    People are enamored with Pearl because his coaching history proves that he is a great coach. Barnes is a solid coach. He’s pretty good. His coaching history proves that he’s going to get you into the tournament just about every year. You may lose in the first or second round but once every blue...
  13. Cpatter4

    Middle tier

    Tennessee is one of the best teams in the country….for the first half. I believe we have the coaching. We just need more talent and depth to get us through the second half.
  14. Cpatter4

    I respect Fulmer a little more after each game we lose

    Didn’t he win the East 3 times during that period?
  15. Cpatter4

    Thoughts on the Kentucky game (long read)

    I just think it’s very entertaining reading the Kentucky board and see them complain about how unfair our offensive tempo is.
  16. Cpatter4

    Say what you want about Henry T but....

    He’s going to the NFL for sure but he was going to do that even if he stayed at Tennessee. Looks like Alabama might not be winning a championship this year. I hope they get knocked out this year and next year so that Henry never gets that ring he tried to skate to.
  17. Cpatter4

    Say what you want about Henry T but....

    It says absolutely nothing. That’s to be expected. They played together so they won’t have the same negative feelings toward Henry that fans do. Now with that being said I hope he understands that he will never be considered a VFL. Say what you want but Henry from now until forever will be...
  18. Cpatter4

    To’o To’o Celebration?

    F*** him
  19. Cpatter4

    A Poem To Lane Kiffin.

    Brown is a broom and gold is a snitch Harry’s a wizard and Lane is a b¡¥h

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