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  1. JustSomeVolFan

    '22 AZ WR Kyler Kasper (Oregon commit)

    Gonna be a VOL tomorrow
  2. JustSomeVolFan

    ‘23 TN OG Brycen Sanders

    Eh, by a Ole Piss homer with 69.75%, and is already 0/1 on 23 class predictions. And a confidence level of 6...
  3. JustSomeVolFan

    Vanderbilt Visitor List

    Isn’t the 2023 Cali QB Nicholaus Iamaleava going to be here this weekend?
  4. JustSomeVolFan

    '22 GA RB Justin Williams (Tennessee signee)

    Callahan with a CB to the good guys
  5. JustSomeVolFan

    '21 Recruiting Forum: Official Kentucky Pregame/Game Thread

    Our defense is gonna have to man up, and make some tackles and stops at some point. We’re not wrapping up at all and it’s costing us stops and ultimately drives
  6. JustSomeVolFan

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    I wouldn’t mind seeing some backfield combos of Hooker, Milton, and Beckwith/Whitehead/Pierce. And then use some direct snaps to all of them on different plays. Defense wouldn’t know who was getting the ball, and I feel like we could run wild out of that formation and still be able to take some...
  7. JustSomeVolFan

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    Cherry juice concentrate. Drink it straight, or mix 50/50 with water and drink about 2 glasses a day. Lay off soft drinks/alcohol, and try to avoid red meat for a couple days

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