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    '18 JUCO DE Jordan Allen (UT signee)

    That's what she said. .....
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    '18 CA QB JT Shrout (UT signee)

    Casey Clauson says Hi
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    *****Brice: Fulmer will assume the reins moving foward

    Fulmer to self....first act as new AD...hire myself as new coach. ...coaching problem solved
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    Brent Venables

    Plus he likes the color orange. ....😉
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    Mike McCoy has been fired by Denver

    So let me understand one wants a fired coach. ...Does Belichick ring a bell....he was fired....
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    Lane Kiffin (Merged)

    I have forgiven him.....has anyone on volnation made bad decisions in life. regretted that decision. ....and would like to be forgiven....I personally would like to see him back. ....he was a good coach. ....he just needed to grow up and I think I he did that under saban
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    Larry Scott

    I was trying say....since we are getting a new staff anyway. ...let's see if they were restricted or just bad coaching. ....and put the debate to rest
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    Larry Scott

    I would like to see what these coaches can do, not being handcuffed and be allowed to coach there game
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    Is Scott Frost qualified?

    Those would be Champion of Life trophies
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    Your Thoughts

    My sources tell me..... one day in the future we will have a new coach.....that is my thoughts
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    Did or has anyone noticed

    Because he's a champion of life. ......
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    Rumors on Louisville Boards - Petrino discussion (merged)

    Simply as this he could beat Bama......I'm game
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk XXXIII

    Have been away from volnation for sometime.....Wondering how the new coaches are effecting recruiting....any stories behind the scenes.....positive or neg...just curious....thanks
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    Are changes coming for Tennessee’s coaching staff?

    All I was doing was passing along some information. .....
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    Are changes coming for Tennessee’s coaching staff?

    Even Les Miles was smart enough to put the best assistant coaches around make up for his lack of coaching skills......
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    Are changes coming for Tennessee’s coaching staff?

    Besides the injuries...hard to have a good defense... when they are tired of being on the field all the time... when the offense keeps turning the ball over and will not allow the defense to rest...but I will say this.....not all of the problems are the fault of the turnovers....but also on bad...
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    Are changes coming for Tennessee’s coaching staff?

    Yep.... I am tired of getting burnt on the deep pass....or just in general.....I blame this on coaching and not our boys who have not been taught correct technique
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    Are changes coming for Tennessee’s coaching staff?

    Are changes coming for Tennessee's coaching staff? Saw this and figured that everyone would like to read it

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