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  1. rmjvol

    The Official Tennessee vs. Purdue Music City Bowl Game Thread, 3:00 PM ET, ESPN

    See you at the Volwalk! 11:40 Football vs Purdue - Thursday, December 30 - Bowl Central
  2. rmjvol

    Music city bowl roll call

    There will be at least 3 of us wearing orange in 238. Heading in from Hermitage.
  3. rmjvol

    Music city bowl events

    UT's Bowl Central Page: Football vs Purdue - Thursday, December 30 - Bowl Central
  4. rmjvol

    Need a close parking pass for Vandy

    Got a family member with bad knees. Looking for a parking pass close to the stadium so she doesn’t have to walk very far. I’m on campus and can meet you or electronic transfer. Thanks
  5. rmjvol

    Parking Pass

    Anybody have a last minute parking pass that they could text or email to me? Looking for something cheaper and closer than $40 at Publix. Thanks!
  6. rmjvol

    Fire Trucks at Neyland

    My 2 kids just said firetrucks at Neyland a few minutes ago. From their text messages.... Heard two fire trucks go under the bridge as I was walking by two fire trucks, one fire car, one police car saw two firemen geared up hustle inside and fire alarm is going off on middle deck...
  7. rmjvol

    Single for free to ga

    I’ve got a single I’m not using. I can send it to your Apple wallet. Let me know
  8. rmjvol

    Need Single GA Ticket for Student

    My 2 kids struck out on the final round of student ticket allocation. If anyone has a single or a pair they’d donate or sell cheap, let me know.
  9. rmjvol

    Need Single GA Ticket for Student

    I've got 2 kids enrolled at UT who didn't get student tickets for the GA game. If anyone has an extra single (or pair) they want to donate to a student, let me know. They just need the ticket to get in & will probably go sit with friends. Thanks!
  10. rmjvol

    Tailgate at Florida

    Anyone tailgating this weekend before the game in Gainesville? We’d be happy to buy in.
  11. rmjvol

    Vol Main Cheer Thread

    Vols winning would certainly be unexpected to most people. Oh, wait…. there‘s a word for that! “upset” Noun. an unexpected result or situation, especially in a sports competition.
  12. rmjvol

    2 for Florida

    Thanks but I bought a pair in the dry with chair backs further away from the student section. Looks like half of section 44 is students.
  13. rmjvol

    2 for Florida

    We’re going and don’t have tickets yet. Let me me where they are and what you want.
  14. rmjvol

    1 Free for Fl

    I have not heard back from you in time. Giving it to somebody else.
  15. rmjvol

    1 Free for Fl

    Yes. Give me an email or cell # and I’ll send it to you.
  16. rmjvol

    1 Free for Fl

    I have one extra ticket for the game today. Free to the first taker. Let me know.
  17. rmjvol

    Trade: 2 FL for 2 T A&M

    I’ve got two extra tickets to Florida and would like to trade them for two tickets to Texas A&M. My tickets are section O, 61. Don’t care where your seats are for the a&m game. Won’t sit with you at the a&m game, we’ll sit with our crowd in section 0. If you’ve got two extra tickets to the...
  18. rmjvol

    The Official #14 Tennessee @ #3 Georgia Game Thread, 3:30 PM ET, CBS

    Just high fived my 3rd generation gater hater daughter!!!!
  19. rmjvol

    Gameday parking for UT is going to be a cluster...

    Anyone know if parking at the Church St., United Methodist, at the corner of Henley and Cumberland will be open? @CPA is that the church that you're talking about?
  20. rmjvol

    Vol Access Gameday Pass

    So far, it's not worth much more than free. Maybe they had issues today and will do another free with better content.

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