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  1. tango

    VFL Curt Watson and the Movie "Top Gun"

    I worked indirectly with Curt Watson for years at FDX before I realized he had played at Tennessee. Gratefully realized it before he retired and was able to have a couple nice conversations about football. Super great guy and, in my experience, very humble. His call sign is "Griz" ...
  2. tango

    ETSU Randy Sanders Retires

    Sanders just brings back bittersweet memories... When he took over as OC (1999 season), we went 9-3, 8-4, 11-2, 8-5, 10-3, 10-3, 5-6... and then Cutcliffe came back to go 9-4, 10-4... then the Clawfense went 5-7. In hindsight, maybe Fulmer was more of the problem than Sanders overall.. but...
  3. tango

    What is Huepel’s worth to you?

    SIAP, but FWIW, virtually nobody at either of the two OU boards I just peeked into likes the idea of Heupel. names discussed/desired (in no particular order): Aranda, M.Stoops Kiffin Venables Urban UGA DC guy Fickell Beamer
  4. tango

    All coaches from now on should keep a minimum of 4 legit QBs...

    With Bailey entering the portal, what that tells me is that it's highly possible he talked to Hooker and Milton to learn those two guys are in it for the long haul. Because with 4 years of eligibility, there ought not be any reason for him to leave if Hooker and Milton aren't coming back. That...
  5. tango

    All coaches from now on should keep a minimum of 4 legit QBs...

    It doesn't matter. If you have 3 guys, 2 of which transfer and 1 goes down, then you're hosed. If you insist on having 4 guys, guess what? 3 will (can) transfer and 1 goes down, and then you're still hosed. Take it to 5 guys.... same problem.... 4 will transfer, etc. BTW, never forget that...
  6. tango

    Bad look but makes me optimistic about the future!

    maybe both learned it from whatever same coaching clinic
  7. tango

    Gus Malzhan / Train

    oh, i don't know either.... millions of dollars and the chance to create a legacy at any other school that isn't facing probation?
  8. tango

    Gus Malzhan / Train

    why would any "proven" coach from a p5 school want to come here as we stare down the barrel of sanctions and scholarship reductions for at least a couple of years?
  9. tango

    SEC Shorts Alabama

    omg, that ending was on point!
  10. tango

    Jabari "Juice" Davis who?

    I thought he was known as the J-Train ??
  11. tango

    Beer barrel

    I'm not sure now, but I don't recall it starting until sometime after I graduated (May 1995) ...
  12. tango

    Beer barrel

    Tall Paul actually released a CD of his most popular hits live from The Library that must have been recorded back in the 90s when I was there... It is so much fun to listen to Rocky Top with NO WOO.
  13. tango

    Jeremy Banks needs to be dismissed

    true that. ...although might have been a little bit better if he'd phrased it some other way than "WE shoot at cops [in Memphis]"...
  14. tango

    The Downfall Of Tennessee Football

    100% agree. I would have been fine with Kippy for at least one season... either we would have kept him longer or would have had time to get the right guy in place, and with both those scenarios, we likely don't ever end up with Dooley or Jones. Landscape would be much different now, I think.
  15. tango

    1990, 1992, 2001

    the backwards "forward pass" was a pretty egregious miss by the refs, too.
  16. tango

    1990, 1992, 2001

    2001 game against UF was Chavis' "Prowler" defense, which was actually hella fun to watch. .... Can't remember that we ever whipped out that defense again, but it sure helped having Haynesworth and Henderson on the front line.
  17. tango

    The Downfall Of Tennessee Football

    My memory is slightly fuzzy around that time because of all the speculation and Gruden Part 1. I thought Patterson HAD been contacted but turned it down. I'm willing to be corrected on that, though. Based on the precise timing of Kiffin's departure (I want to say it was around 3ish weeks...
  18. tango

    The Downfall Of Tennessee Football

    Not really worth 20 mins of *my* time at least. That video didn't put anything together that the vast majority of us who have been around didn't already know. And the grand finale to the whole video boils down to actually three choices: A. Keep Pruitt, B. Fire Pruitt and replace him with...
  19. tango

    Eli Wolf receives UGA scholarship offer

    When you put it like that, it doesn't make him a bum... sounds like he should have been a LB. Not sure why they didn't try him out there... or maybe they did and he just refused it? or maybe they did and he wasn't cut out for that either... In any case, still sounds like a LB to me. YMMV
  20. tango

    We have small players and have for some time.

    Our overall S&P+ is -2.2 So, accordingly, that puts us pound-for-pound on par with the likes of: Northwestern -1.1 Indiana -1.5 Baylor -1.9 FSU -1.4 Colorado -2.4 UCLA -3.5 Tulane -3.3 (USF is +1.0, by the way) Air Force -2.7 (Nevada -0.6 and Wyoming -0.1, btw) ...something like that? Am I...

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