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    Desmond Williams - DB Commits

    Commits and immediately takes another visit. Why even commit?
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    Well... Ya see. If it was there is not 200 rushing yard performance by the conference's Heisman hopeful. Without that this game isn't even close enough to throw in multiple game changing bad calls to preserve the win and the Heisman trophy for the conference. So... Holding was put on the back...
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    Milton & the last play

    He isn't gonna help the team. He's a huge liabilty. Doesn't have it between the ears and has a cannon with a 2" barrel that fires smooth bore rounds. Sadly the staff can't get over looking at his physical stature.
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    And yet still there is multiple bad calls that you can pick from and take it away and his performance ends with a L.
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    Milton & the last play

    No, very big deal. He should be kicked off the team. I'd not even let him back in UT facilities. A bus ticket out of Knoxville would be the last dime UT invested in him if it was up to me. Everyone in the stadium knew there was 3 seconds left and we had to score.
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    Referees caused this mess

    He's doing his job perfectly is the reason. He's doin the conference's bidding. It's never a controversial call that causes one of the darlings to lose.
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    I'm over the conference swaying the games in favor of the teams they want to win myself. This should be a lesson to them they need to call the game as it is and stop meddling before someone gets hurt. There is multiple bad calls you can take away and we win this game. One bad call that decides...
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    Jennings & Hurd Both Make 49ers Roster

    I'd say both hate Butch given Jennings was kicked off the team by Butch.
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Bowling Green

    Tennessee 41 Bowling Green 17 Yds 547
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    Best Recruiter?

    Who recruited the rbs under Fulmer? We always had stud backs when Fulmer was running things.
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    Are we this down this needs to be in the headlines?

    The list of walk on players that turned out to be great can go for days. J.J Watt Justin Hardy Antonio Brown Colt Brennan T.J Ward A few Vols of note J.J McCleskey Eli Wolf Nick Reveiz Trevor Daniels Max Arnold Sullivan Bros Jacob Gilliam- played thro a torn ACL and broke hand. Which is sad...
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    Tyler Summit Today ....

    How do you know I haven't already? I can assure you he isn't the only one in history to have to watch a loved one die a painful slow death. Obviously you didn't think about the 99 percent of the ones that have didn't get the luxury of being able take all the time in the world to grieve. It was...
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    If you could change any UT football game outcomes that we could have/should have won, what would they be?

    I'd have to go with 01 Miami. The team just had so much NFL talent on it. The 95 Huskers vs 01 Miami would be like two semi trucks hitting head on, would be a great game to watch.
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    If you could change any UT football game outcomes that we could have/should have won, what would they be?

    I'm with you. Maybe if we don't completely **** the bed Bama never starts the dynasty run they're currently on.
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    Are we the same as Nebraska

    No. Nebraska has been a lot better than us over the last decade or so. Hope that is gonna change and we can all pretend it was a bad dream in the near future tho.
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    '17 CA RB Stephen Carr (USC Transfer)

    He was a 5* talent. More times than not they get it right. It's just can he find the right fit where someone is gonna be able to take that talent and turn it in to production. Look no further than Alvin Kamara. He was wasted here under Butch along with many others.
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    Tyler Summit Today ....

    He is married to her and has a child. I'm not so sure she is heart broken.
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    Auburn defensive lineman Jay Hardy is in the transfer portal

    From what I've heard he could have got paid here. So not so sure about that.
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    The Tennessee Takeover

    Depends on if it's looking like we may take the next step. If the problem is Def. If he is looking at diff Coaches to bring in and shows hes trying to fix it ya you keep him. Tenn isn't a program to settle for 2nd or 3rd in the east. Pruitts downfall was he didn't even try and fix problems. The...

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