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  1. Direct.Vol

    '22 GA WR Kaleb Webb (Tennessee signee)

    This is true. School wanted him to announce tomorrow instead of today. Still 1000% chance he commits to us.
  2. Direct.Vol

    '22 GA WR Kaleb Webb (Tennessee signee)

    Committing Thursday according to his Instagram.
  3. Direct.Vol

    '22 TN WR Isaiah Horton (Miami commit)

    I don’t think he’s a troll. I think he just has a brain the size of a pinto bean.
  4. Direct.Vol

    '22 AL WR Marquarius White (Tennessee signee)

    Wow. That’s one smooth route.
  5. Direct.Vol

    '22 FL LB DeMario Tolan (LSU commit)

    Kelly will not have a staff together on signing day. When he takes his official visit to LSU the building will be empty. If AP says it’s between us and LSU then I feel pretty confident.
  6. Direct.Vol

    '22 AL S Jourdan Thomas (Tennessee signee)

    Load em’ up boys. 💣
  7. Direct.Vol

    ‘23 FL WR Brandon Inniss

    I don’t think we are Inniss one. Probably following Riley to USC.
  8. Direct.Vol

    '22 GA EDGE Joshua Josephs (Tennessee signee)

    Butch would not approve of this.
  9. Direct.Vol

    ‘23 LA QB Arch Manning

    About as legit as the phone calls I get from Indian guys.
  10. Direct.Vol

    '22 GA RB Justin Williams (Tennessee signee)

    Would you rather play for Josh Heupel’s offense or Neal Brown’s offense? It’s really that simple
  11. Direct.Vol

    '22 GA RB Justin Williams (Tennessee signee)

    I respect the absolute **** out of his decision.
  12. Direct.Vol

    '22 GA RB Justin Williams (Tennessee signee)

    Let the crystal balls start rolling in…
  13. Direct.Vol

    '22 QB IN Tayven Jackson (Tennessee signee)

    Because we have our guy.
  14. Direct.Vol

    ‘23 TN OL Joe Crocker

    I don’t care if he’s a good player. I just care if he’s well-spoken.
  15. Direct.Vol

    '22 TN QB Luther Richesson

    Milton has 3 years, and Hooker has 2 years of eligibility counting the Covid year.
  16. Direct.Vol

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk III

    Not only did he date a 16 year old when he was 29… he was engaged to her and lived in the same house as her for a couple years with her parents. She sure has some great parents!!
  17. Direct.Vol

    '20 VA CB Karon Prunty

    Was told he got his girl pregnant back in Virginia, and that he was a douche the the team. The staff and Prunty mutually parted ways since it was in both of their best interests. Just from a random USC Jr. fan though so it could easily be false.
  18. Direct.Vol

    '22 GA DE CJ Madden

    Exactly what I’m thinking.
  19. Direct.Vol

    '22 TN DT Walter Nolen (Texas A&M commit)

    I was just being respectful to him to let him know your comment was aimed towards my post since it came minutes after I posted!! Don’t worry, I won’t insult of your age. Kinda weird how the 17 year old is more mature than the middle-aged man. Have a great evening and God bless you and your family!!
  20. Direct.Vol

    '22 TN DT Walter Nolen (Texas A&M commit)

    His comment was directed towards me though, that’s why I was asking him the question. I sent the picture of his live, and he decided to give his input on it.

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