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    Rooting for SEC

    It’s the Vols and no one else”piss on the rest of the SEC!!!!
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    Navy Shuler coming home.

    I think that’s the game where we had it 4th and 12 Then Shuler hits Ronald Davis over the middle for a 1st down we go on to win...GBO
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    Best wishes to our NW TN VOLS...

    I live in W Memphis Arkansas and the same Tornado hit Jonesboro Ar where my niece goes to school and about 25 Miles NE of Jonesboro hit the small town of Monette destroying a nursing home killing 2 and injuring several others”the tornado was on the ground for several hundred miles with winds of...
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    New commit - Jourdan Thomas

    Welcome to Rocky Top”what people need to understand is a 3 Star tjat wants to be here and can be coached up is not a bad thing...some of these 3 stars are gonna be bumped up a notch as well to 4 stars”as stated we need bodies and I for one have confidence in CJH and the staff to get this done...GBO!
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    Favorite "Vandy" Game Memories?

    This right here” loved every minute of that Beatdoown
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    Hottest / Coldest Football Game You've Attended

    Hottest UCLA in 91 I think this is the game Smokey had the heat stroke”Coldest is Vols Arkansas game @ Little Rock in 97 the Cotton Bowl against Kansas St was cold cold cold as well!!!
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    What's the coldest Tennessee game you've attended?

    i agree as I along with my brother and two nephews was there along with the snow!!!!it was cold cold cold
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    Ole Miss quick to forget

    The point he is making is Ole Miss fans whining and crying a River are no better”102,455 there last night you take several hundred drunks throwing things makes everyone look bad!!!!
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    Coach Lane Kiffin will never consider returning to UT to coach

    Good I wouldn want or don’t care if he ever steps foot in Neyland or the State of Tennessee again!!!
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    Favorite alcoholic beverage

    Michelob Ultra🍺
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    Time to raid LSU

    I was thinking same thing lol
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    Our fanbase is absurdly negative

    I’ve been a fan for 51 year and I honestly believe we will never be good again in my sucks to be this bad this long and don’t look like it’s gonna get any better😡
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    Linebackers lowkey good

    Excited to see what Mitchell brings to the D!!
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    With Oklahoma and Texas in the SEC now what is everyone’s opinion on how the divisions should be?...I mean I know the obvious would be move Alabama and Auburn to the east but who’s to say they won’t put one of Okie or Texas in the east’i Mean Mizzou is in the east so no reason they can’t place...
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    The SEC Coach you love to hate Poll

    Don’t like any of them😡
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    First Tennessee football game you attended

    1977 vs Memphis St....Coach Majors 1st year as coach and a Big Orange Win 27-14!!!
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    Most surprising Vol loss

    The Memphis loss in 96😡with all the talent on the Vols this game should have been a 3 touchdown game atleast”I blame this embarrassment on Coach Fulmer and Coach Cutcliffe!!!!!
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    Best UT running back

    Chuck Webb & Jamal Lewis

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