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    Hendon Hooker tweet - he's back!

    Hell to the yeah!
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    Help me out VN...

    Go to vol village and let her meet the chear leaders.
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    '22 GA EDGE Joshua Josephs (Tennessee signee)

    This guy is under rated and will be a star in college and the pro's.
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    We are in trouble

    Op sucks.
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    Honest thoughts on how this season should go

    If we get good QB play we could shock the country. It could also go drastically bad if we don't find a QB. 7-5 is the most likely outcome but I wouldn't be shocked if they did better.
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    ‘23 HI OL Iapani Laloulu

    He might grow into an sec lineman or he might not. Looks like a Butch Jones offer.
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    Who starts at QB vs BG ?

    I think it will be Bailey but I will assume that cjh has picked the guy who gives us the best chance to win no matter who trots out.
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    Where I believe this is all heading.

    I believe the sec will be a twenty team conference. Four pods of five teams each. Ten sec games every year.
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    that didn't take long

    Your trolling has gotten very, very old. No real Tennessee fan has any interest in your opinion.
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    Which game are you most excited for this season?

    Ole miss since I just bought tickets. Sitting in section w. I'm hoping that's on the upgraded side of the stadium but I'm not certain.
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    I’m going to stay the course….

    I wasn't happy with the hire initially and I'm not alone for sure but I'm getting excited about football season again. Hoping for the best but expecting the worst is a safe play in regards to the current state of Tennessee football.
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    Reasons to think Coach Josh Heupel will move us forward

    I'm just glad the man seems to be, at least, of above average intelligence. Hopefully he surprises us with well coached, hard nosed football teams and parlays small successes into large ones.
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    Florida Gator game

    I can't believe that nobody thought of this already.
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    Development is more important than top rated classes

    It all begins and ends with player development. Build it and they will come
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    So is there anything to even be excited about this fall?

    I think the vols win six games this year and go to a bowl. I also think that will be the best season of the Heupel era.
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    Vols practice #5

    Another paid troll from the utad accusing a real fan of being a troll. These are the same people who were here defending the last bum they hired but doing it under different screen names.
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    Vols practice #5

    There you go, accuse them of doing exactly what you're doing, you would make a great politician. This thread should be twenty pages long by now, how do you explain that? It's apathy, the fans are sick and tired of the endless brigade of losers the university continues to march for us. You're...
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    Vols practice #5

    Apathy is at an all time high. The Heupel hire was a disaster for fan enthusiasm. I am as mad as anyone and I do expect him to fail miserably but I sincerely hope I am wrong and turns the thing around.
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    Tennessee spring practice video, day 1

    Many thanks Mr Fingers.

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