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    SEC Needs a Draft

    Won't never happen because it would for real level the playing field. Ala, Georgia and the usually top 10 wouldn't get the creme anymore. Then let's see who can coach up the 3 stars!!!!!!!
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    ‘23 OH OG Austin Siereveld

    A true Road grader.
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    Would you want Bruce Pearl back?

    In a heartbeat.
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    Calbert to the Portal

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    8 BAMA players in the portal!!

    Open the Bank Pilot Oil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Pruitt & Dooley back looking for a job probably

    They'd both fit well at Bama
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    8 BAMA players in the portal!!

    Come to the HILL!!!!!!!!!
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    3 Point shooting and Tennessee - "Twilight Zone"

    Fulkeys first 2 free throws he barley hit the front rim.
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    No Alpha

    Need to watch some tape of Howard Bain!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Martavius French off NCAA suspension?

    So is he on the team or what?
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    Jimbo and the NIL

    Three biggest crooks in college football. Saban, Fisher and Smart. The last 2 coached and learned from the master cheat Saban. Come to think of it has Alabama ever been investigated since Saban has been there?
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    Tyler Baron in the portal (or not)

    Not yet. As they say follow the money NIL biggest mistake ever by the NCAA or whoever. What ever happened to leveling the playing field?
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    23 yrs ago tonight

    All on Fulmer!!!!
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    Cade Mays declares for the NFL Draft

    Good Luck Cade. Let go catch some crappie!!!!
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    Biggest Need 2022

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    In my mind we won 9 games

    As long as Willie (let um run by you) Martinez is DB coach your gonna lose. We had that clown here when Butch Jones was here or has everyone forgot?
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    Who remembers the Secondary from 2013-2016?

    Do you remember DB's who couldn't cover or back-up to protect deep? Well get used to it. Just like the days of 3rd and Chavis the gift that keeps on giving. That DB coach is back and it ain't going to get any better.
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    Announcers: How much are we going to hear that Purdue is short handed?

    Worst DB's in the conference. Been burnt more than any other school. We better find a right tackle before next year or we might win 6 games.

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