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    Saban Retiring?

    Based on prior evidence, whether you like him or not, Saban and his staff have been the best at figuring out recruiting, playoffs, and anything else thrown at them. I’m pretty sure they can, and will, figure out the transfer portal and NIL.
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    The purge begins......

    This could be pretty detrimental to talent rich teams such as Alabama. If a talented kid does not get to play because the people in front of him are better, that does not mean that kid is not talented. Now, they can go somewhere else and try to earn playing time, better their draft stock, and...
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    Pete Thamel: Lincoln Riley to USC

    Well, Lincoln wasn’t lying about not coaching at LSU.
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    The Official NASCAR Talk Thread

    The manufactures also wanted something that was relevant to street going vehicles.
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    Best team right now? Ohio St or Georgia?

    There are two teams that can match athletes with Georgia, Alabama and Ohio State. Until Kirby proves me wrong, I think he will choke at some point. I really feel like Bama will beat them in the SEC championship.
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    The Official NASCAR Talk Thread

    And get away from being so aero dependent. Many forms of racing would be improved if sanctioning bodies would get the noses off the ground.
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    The Official NASCAR Talk Thread

    I would imagine they are running around CMS wide open. It is going to be dang near impossible to pass like that.
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    The Official NASCAR Talk Thread

    There is a lot more too it than outright speed in my opinion. Formula 1 cars are fast, but passing is not rampant. Then you get into the whole "is it racing or passing" debate. However, if the cars are less aero dependent and can race around each other better, I feel the product will be...
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    The Wrestling Thread

    Isn't that the beauty of all of this? Not knowing if something was a work or not?
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    Akron fires Tom Arth

    People have to learn to trust the process.
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    What’s your prediction for Saturday’s game with Kentucky: W or L?

    Kentucky beat Florida, but Florida is not the same team they were early in the season, nor is Tennessee the same team they were when they played Florida. So I do not think you can use them as a common measuring stick. Kentucky struggled to beat South Carolina (6pts), Mizzu (7pts), and UT...
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    I just bought over 12,000,000 crypto

    My discretionary income hopes it does get interesting lol.
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    How did you overcome a tough period in life?

    First, admitting you have a problem is a huge step in the right direction, so you are on the right path. You have sought professional help which is good. Each person is different. I see you say you are not religious, and I am not going to try to force religion on you. However, I have not...
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    Florida State at Florida (11/27)

    He will get the "fire assistants" year this year I think. If they had lost to Tennessee and FSU, they might have pulled the plug this year.
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    #12 UK at Miss. St

    UK struggled with South Carolina, Missouri, and Chattanooga, so yes, I did see this coming. They are not a top 15 team. Probably not a top 25.
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    What'll Fix 3rd Down D?

    Jimmy’s and Joe’s would fix a lot of the issues.
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    #10 Florida Gators(3-1,1-1) vs Kentucky Wildcats(4-0,2-0) ESPN 6:00PM

    It would have been nice to play this version of Florida. I’m not saying Kentucky is terrible, but they shouldn’t be beating Florida.
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    Opinions on living in Maryville?

    Terrible place. I wouldn’t recommend it. Thinking about moving myself. Get out while you can. Smells bad, crime is terrible, crooked cops, large number of people that reenact Mad Max on 321, and we are already full.
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    The constructive what do we do about ISIS and the Taliban thread

    At some point, you have to realize that installing democracy will not work everywhere. I would have thought we would have learned that after Vietnam, but we have not. As strange as it might sound to us, some people prefer violence, chaos, and the like. Take for example the episode of The Andy...
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    Taliban Taking Over Afghanistan - Does anyone care?

    Am I the only one that wonders if the people in charge, on both sides, throw crap at a board just to see how much the general public will take?

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