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    Game Thread: (7/9) Lady Vols 70 - Arkansas 63

    Horston is Arky's sixth player when we are on offense. Big liability
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    Orange Bowl Thread: #2 Michigan vs #3 Georgia

    Watched about 5 min of Game Day this a.m. Actually significantly more than usual. Heard the crew talking about the UM off line learning from the SEC CG how to dominate the UGA defense. Expert commentary my #$%.
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    Game Thread: (7/9) Lady Vols 63 - (3/3) Stanford 74

    Stanford went to remote only this pm. I'm thinking the game is in jeopardy
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    '22 GA EDGE Darren Agu (Vandy commit)

    Some players actually plan to be STUDENT athletes. Despite my bias, with only a few exceptions Vandy is the better academic choice. Next...
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    LV Volleyball

    Well, dang
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    LV Volleyball

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    LV Volleyball

    We seem to have better athletes...why can't we put this match away?
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    LV Volleyball

    I'll keep saying it...out here in the LV info desert threads like this are my primary source of LV news. Please keep posting: and the soccer folks, golf. tennis, et al. I almost never check the UTAD site, but check here a couple of times a day. I'm too uninformed to comment on most of the...
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    Game Thread: (#15/12) Lady Vols 59 - Southern Illinois 49

    Miles and Puckett (2) made the game changing plays late.....10 sec., 3 pt., and really nice driving layup.
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    Brian Kelly Execution of Team

    I got the joke. It wasn't funny, nor was it in any way offensive. It's a hypersensitive world.
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    What Are You Drinking Tomorrow Night?

    Ice water or Diet Coke with the burgers and on into the game. If things go well, I'll enjoy a bit of Chattanooga Whiskey Experimental Small Batch. Partially aged in maple syrup barrels and bottled at 101proof. Kinda like a speyside scotch only not aged 12 yrs like The Macallan.
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    New statues going up

    Three enduring CH memories 1. TD run against GT. Unbelievable 2. Coming out of the east side tunnel after a first half injury. As he ran around the boundary of the field the crowd stood and cheered like crazy. The first 'wave' in Neyland? 3. The 'no call' on the facemask tackle by Bama. Raises...
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    Lady Vols Softball

    Just asking, is it possible she had some motion issue that's correctable? Didn't she have skills to make her a D1 prospect?
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    Lady Vols Softball

    double post. iow 'aging error'
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    Lady Vols Softball

    I thought that earlier someone implied that Allie's departure also meant Ashley was entering the portal as well.
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    The Official #3 Tennessee vs Virginia College World Series Game 1 Thread (SUNDAY AT 2PM EST)

    Completely revised my day due to start time. Priorities...
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    The Official #3 Tennessee vs Virginia College World Series Game 1 Thread (SUNDAY AT 2PM EST)

    Can't complain about the announcers opening up. Lots of poz comments about the good guys.
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    Tony White or Chris Lofton

    TW for all he brought to the team, but....the bomb CL dropped on Texas (do you remember that one CRB?) is still a pick me up 3 or 4 times a year.
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    Stadium Downtown

    The rendering shares a lot of similarities with the Barons', location, surround. Still prefer LNS revamped.

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