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  1. PoweredByTheT

    Albany DE Jared Verse (transfer - FSU commit)

    her vocals or she just crack out the heated blanket? it's legit cold today!
  2. PoweredByTheT

    Albany DE Jared Verse (transfer - FSU commit)

    guys........ this is no time to mezzo round
  3. PoweredByTheT

    Albany DE Jared Verse (transfer - FSU commit)

    We need to get French's involved in our NIL offers.... this kid cuts the mustard
  4. PoweredByTheT

    '20 GA RB Jahmyr Gibbs (Bama Commit)

    Why would Barstool, company in New York City, founded by a guy that graduated from Michigan, care or even prefer what that a prospect end up at Jackson State.... in Jackson, Mississippi? ... and why is this conversation in Gibbs' thread? lol
  5. PoweredByTheT

    '20 GA RB Jahmyr Gibbs (Bama Commit)

    Are we insinuating here that NIL money hasn't always been there? It's just.... "legal" now... there is no difference in functionality
  6. PoweredByTheT

    '22 TN DT Walter Nolen (Texas A&M commit)

    Never saw Hardy anywhere near #1 in the nation :P
  7. PoweredByTheT

    '17 GA OLB Jordan Strachan (Georgia St transfer)

    Georgia State? Nobody from Georgia State even belongs on the field with SEC talent
  8. PoweredByTheT

    '21 GA OLB Smael Mondon (georgia commit)

    Machine Gun Kelly wears pearls and he's bangin Megan Fox... can't judge a man by his pearls lol
  9. PoweredByTheT

    '19 LA DT Ishmael Sopsher (Alabama transfer)

    do you realize how busy an interior lineman has to be to "stand out"? We're talking ELITE... their job is to maintain the line of scrimmage and free up the LBs to make plays
  10. PoweredByTheT

    '21 GA DE Khristian Zachary

    but...... there's only 6.... so was this him saying none of these? I'm so confused right now :X
  11. PoweredByTheT

    '24 AL DE Kavion Henderson

    kid must be an absolute monster getting offers in 8th grade and doesn't play QB
  12. PoweredByTheT

    '21 GA DE Khristian Zachary

    .... .... .... a 6'3" 250 lb junior in high school that's nothing but unblockable bone and muscle edge rusher "will need to hit the weightroom very hard"? He's got a Clay Matthews frame as a junior in high school.... you are something else man :P
  13. PoweredByTheT

    '21 MD WDE Demeioun Robinson (Maryland commit)

    All the matters is Clemson Conference?
  14. PoweredByTheT

    '21 MD WDE Demeioun Robinson (Maryland commit)

    lol.... this is why I love VolNation.... pure unsolicited speculation on a dude that wasn't gonna be playing this season anyways :D
  15. PoweredByTheT

    '21 TN WR Walker Merrill (Tennessee signee)

    Next Shannon Sharpe IMO :P
  16. PoweredByTheT

    '21 MD OG Xavier Castillo

    Must be an introvert 🤷‍♂️

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