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  1. Blake25p

    '22 GA EDGE Darren Agu (Vandy commit)

    Anything from VQ on this guy?
  2. Blake25p

    '22 JUCO DB Desmond Williams (Tennessee commit)

    Webb is the third if I had to guess Agu is the 4th.
  3. Blake25p

    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    Chances he ends up at UT as of now?
  4. Blake25p

    '22 GA SDE Tyre West

    What’s one thing every recruit says when they visit UT since CJH? Family Environment, just saying.
  5. Blake25p

    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    I feel Ike I’ve seen this movie before…
  6. Blake25p

    '22 AL OLB TJ Dudley

    Mentioned Tennessee as a possible spot 4-star T.J. Dudley will draw plenty of interest after Oregon decommit
  7. Blake25p

    '22 GA RB Justin Williams

    AUBURN | Justin Williams has been to Auburn a number of times. But this weekend was special and it came down to the time he was able to spend with Cadillac Williams and the Tigers’ entire staff. “The coaching staff,” said Williams of what stood out about his official visit. “I had a good time...
  8. Blake25p

    '22 TN DT Walter Nolen (Texas A&M commit)

    Code for A&M has offered the most NIL money and we’re giving UT one more chance to counter.
  9. Blake25p

    '22 GA SDE Tyre West

    OV’ing Auburn mid-week, then UT this weekend and will make a final decision on the 15th. Sounds like FSU (no surprise) from reading the article.
  10. Blake25p

    '22 GA EDGE Darren Agu (Vandy commit)

    You can never have too many pass rushers
  11. Blake25p

    '22 FL WR CJ Smith (Florida commit)

    Probably not a Vol
  12. Blake25p

    '21 JUCO RB Tiyon Evans (Tennessee signee)

    Probably because he was also hurt most of the year.
  13. Blake25p

    '22 CT DT Jeffrey M'ba (JUCO)

    Come home
  14. Blake25p

    '22 NC DE James Pearce

    When is he scheduled to OV?
  15. Blake25p

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    By that logic pump fakes shouldn’t be allowed
  16. Blake25p

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    It would be our luck that we play Pitt when they have their best season in 40 years and a Heisman Trophy candidate at QB. On the bright side we should smash the next year,
  17. Blake25p

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    The tweet literally says that lol
  18. Blake25p

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    Hot take but Michigan’s Blue on Blue and White in Blue looks way better than Blue on Yellow (Maize) and White on Yellow (Maize).

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