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  1. CR-vol

    Bowl Ticket Prices

    Not going to, especially not for crazy prices.
  2. CR-vol

    New SEC shorts!...Bowl Edition!

    Yeah I am, lol just calling it like I see it. I mean not everybody is a comedian and not every skit they do is funny. I thought this one sucked.
  3. CR-vol

    Bowl Ticket Prices

    Just speaking some truth here about why lots of people would rather watch from the comfort of home. I'm stoked about the game but I ain't gonna be freezing my butt off and miserable watching it. Have fun!!
  4. CR-vol

    New SEC shorts!...Bowl Edition!

    I usually find their skits humorous but this one came up short due to bad acting with all the new extras. It's better when the regulars wear multiple different jerseys in the skits. The newbies just didn't put any heart and soul into their comedy.
  5. CR-vol

    Bowl Ticket Prices

    Yeah who's actually stoked to go to a game in Nashville on a cold December day? Gonna be lots of empty seats and cheap tickets on game day.
  6. CR-vol

    The more I watch Bama beat UGA and UF

    Yep, same here, I been pulling for Cincy to get in for several weeks now. But my gut tells me Georgia is getting a gift if that's the match up they end up with. I'm not waving any SEC flag. I hope Alabama and Georgia both get punched in the mouth.
  7. CR-vol

    The more I watch Bama beat UGA and UF

    I agree with you but that genie is out of the bottle so to speak. College football tradition doesn't mean anything and hasn't for a long while now.
  8. CR-vol

    2021 SEC Championship Game - 4:00 pm ET CBS

    It sucks but I think we saw the national championship game tonight.
  9. CR-vol

    2021 SEC Championship Game - 4:00 pm ET CBS

    GA fans in the stands tears look tasty hahaha
  10. CR-vol

    2021 SEC Championship Game - 4:00 pm ET CBS

    I suppose we'll be hearing from resident Georgia fans about another East banner. Lol...
  11. CR-vol

    2021 SEC Championship Game - 4:00 pm ET CBS

    It's a shame Auburn didn't put Alabama away last week.
  12. CR-vol

    Oklahoma DB Coach Accused Of Recruiting For USC

    Sooner fans are all tore up but there's a big nothing burger here. Schitt happens. Move on. And yeah it sucked when it happened to us but guess what, nobody cared then either.
  13. CR-vol

    Adrian Martinez is in the portal

    Noooo, don't want.. We don't recruit QB's this way anymore: [VIDEO=]
  14. CR-vol

    Give LSU & Florida credit

    Shouldn't we withhold judgement for a while to see if anybody has fixed anything yet? Nothing is guaranteed.
  15. CR-vol

    4 once our AD is ahead of the game

    The fan base is responsible for running coaches off because they sucked? Hahaha!! And coach Buzz Cut was a Loser with a capital L.
  16. CR-vol

    Riley taking his cruits with him

    Hahahaha!! It's like deja vu all over again but it's not us this time hahaha!!
  17. CR-vol

    LSU targeting Brian Kelly (per The Athletic)

    I wonder why the media and everyone is handwringing over him leaving ND so soon. This is what college football is and what most people wanted it to be.
  18. CR-vol

    Latest update on Josh Heupel's status

    I like how Heup always ends sideline interviews with GBO!
  19. CR-vol


    Why do our fans seem to want somebody on the team to fail? Wtf? It was a bad hand off. It happens. I hope we're deep at QB next season. I hope Hooker comes back and balls out.. ..but I hope we're deep regardless.
  20. CR-vol

    The Iron Bowl: #3 Alabama (10-1) vs Auburn (6-5) (3:30PM ET, CBS)

    Georgia better show up and not pay attention to the hype. Sounds a lot like what everybody thought about Auburn tonight.

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