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  1. BucksnortVol

    The Official Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt Game Thread, 3:45 PM ET, SEC Network

    Heupel is absolutely predictable on 3rd and matter what, he will run a power dive between the 2 and 3 gaps.
  2. BucksnortVol

    '22 TN QB Ty Simpson (Alabama commit)

    Arch Manning is Peyton's nephew, not his son. And in any case he, Arch, owes us nothing. Peyton doesn't control Arch's recruitment decisions any more than Cooper or Archie directed Peyton's college choice. Young Arch will, hopefully....rightly, make his own decision. And it very likely won't be...
  3. BucksnortVol

    Scale 1-10 how important is the Vanderbilt game and why?

    Is this Vandy game big? As Fulmer said a long time ago,....."They're all big."
  4. BucksnortVol

    '22 TN QB Ty Simpson (Alabama commit)

    Not too sure here....I understand Homer has reached out to the staff concerning a spot for Bart.
  5. BucksnortVol

    '22 TN QB Luther Richesson

    The QB we need to recruit hardest is Hendon Hooker. We need to ensure he returns for another season. But that said, we need to take two QBs this cycle...want Luther! Because it is fairly likely that Bailey and/or Milton hit the portal if H² stays. And if that happens, it leaves only Tavyen...
  6. BucksnortVol

    CBS has us playing Clemson

    What if there is a zombie apocalypse in Lexington, or an earthquake and Neyland Stadium slides into the Tennessee River...... there's stuff that just ain't likely.
  7. BucksnortVol

    Who feels confident about Kentucky after the bye week?? FPI 48.6%

    I get what you're saying, but it is proven now that a running QB is our Achilles Heel. Corral was a nightmare for us and Young, not known to be a scooter, shredded us. Until we get more, and more capable, defensive depth, we will need a TD about every series, meaning that we need an O Line...
  8. BucksnortVol

    Pruitt's lawyer says he has the info to burn the whole AD down

    Looks like Smokey will be deposed first when Discovery starts.
  9. BucksnortVol

    '25 TN OL Chauncey Gooden

    Anybody know if this kid is kin to Emmit Gooden?
  10. BucksnortVol

    The Official Tennessee vs. South Carolina Game Thread, 12:00 PM ET, ESPN2

    I'm with you, but it looks like you could put Vandy's players in FL's uniforms and we would fine a way to lose to them.
  11. BucksnortVol

    Hidden Keys: Missouri

    Key to victory.....put funny shaped ball across the last white line in front of big metal fork pointing that more than the other guys and you win.
  12. BucksnortVol

    Tennessee Modernizing Football Ticket Pricing Model Beginning in 2022

    What? They empty the buckets right after halftime evey home game whether they need it or not.
  13. BucksnortVol

    Florida is not anywhere near good

    Stupid 2 pt play call by Florida
  14. BucksnortVol

    TV for Tenn Tech game/SEC network +/streaming only

    Good Info right here, Muchos Gracias!!

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