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  1. rocky top buzz

    4/5 of our losses came to teams who ended up a combined 45-6

    People are upset that the SEC East cellar teams beat the Gators so how did UT lose, but people forget that Florida gave bama a game just before they played Tennessee. That is just amazing how they completely fell apart mid-season, from top 10 to barely in a bowl.
  2. rocky top buzz

    I think GA peaked

    I hate Georgie but this just isn't right. They played 2 SEC west teams (Auburn and Arky) and dominated them both. Those same 2 teams gave bama fits. I am not surprised bama beat them but I am surprised how lopsided the game was. All I can figure is that Georgie finished with bad teams and they...
  3. rocky top buzz

    Ramone Foster blasting the "Clawfense"

    huh? That's exactly what he did say. Said they had tons of returning talent and instead of building at what they were he created a predictable offense. Also commented in the whole flipping linemen which I don't understand but Ramone wasn't happy about it.
  4. rocky top buzz

    Recruiting…anyone worried?

    Biggest thing that I hate is the state of TN is finally producing some top talent, yet they are all going everywhere else. Rivals Top 20, UT doesn't have their first commit until #14. Lots of 4 star players in the mid state, but Michigan, Kentucky, Georgia, even Miami are beating UT for all of...
  5. rocky top buzz

    This reporter now looks pretty stupid

    Lost to ULM, lost to Auburn for bama's 6th straight loss i that series, and was paid $4mil a year which was considered outrageous at the time.
  6. rocky top buzz

    This reporter now looks pretty stupid

    That's great, now go and look at what was written about Saban and how terrible a hire he was in 2007. And or even more fun, lookup articles on or after November 17th of that year. Yeah, journalists don't have crystal ball's...
  7. rocky top buzz

    Ramone Foster blasting the "Clawfense"

    That's pretty much what Foster said. And his point is that what Clawson made them do, it cost him money by being a lower draft pick. I wouldn't respect someone either who was taking money out of my pocket. If it had been 2021 we would have lost all those guys to the portal.
  8. rocky top buzz

    Ramone Foster blasting the "Clawfense"

    Yeah that was a dumb take. I think Foster does a great job. Really nice to have a VFL on the Nashville Flagship station. I get enough of Titans talk 365...
  9. rocky top buzz

    Ramone Foster blasting the "Clawfense"

    On 1045 right now. Forgot how much NFL talent on that 08 team. Foster never forgot it.
  10. rocky top buzz

    More upgrades have officially started inside Neyland

    I think they'll announce it as 100,000. They're losing 1900 seats with the north jumbotron. Not sure how many they'll lose on the lower west with chairbacks but I would guess 1,000. So thats 102,455 minus 3,000 gives you 99,455. But in the north jumbo area they can sell standing room only so 545...
  11. rocky top buzz

    UT administration after Kiffan bolted...

    I've said for years the mistake with Kiffen was rushing to fill the spot. SHould have promoted one of Kiffins staffers to interim and then had a true search in the fall. But there are 2 differences. 1, Kiffin came in and left after 1 year. Any new coach would have been the 3rd in 3 years and...
  12. rocky top buzz

    Bad Day for Tennessee transfers

    Awesome. And UNC lost to Georgia Tech who just finished with 3 wins. What's your point?
  13. rocky top buzz

    Bad Day for Tennessee transfers

    UNC went 6-6 so they didn't all have better seasons.
  14. rocky top buzz

    Bad Day for Tennessee transfers

    Bad punt muff by Eric Gray played a big part in OU getting knocked out of the playoffs.
  15. rocky top buzz

    Vols vs Vandy (60 points again?)

    Defense really struggling today. Tennessee can score 2 TD's in under 2 minutes but when they let candy keep converting, they don't have the ball
  16. rocky top buzz

    The Official Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt Game Thread, 3:45 PM ET, SEC Network

    Disappointed on that completion, corner played good coverage, throw was perfect.
  17. rocky top buzz

    '20 GA RB Jahmyr Gibbs

    I think the thought is Collins is likely to get fired and if so with the portal these days, top kids will be gone before the new coach even has a chance to meet the team. If Collins stays, who knows. Next week will answer a lot of these questions.
  18. rocky top buzz

    We got a commit! Vols land GA OLB/DE Joshua Josephs

    It's 3 hours from cobb county to neyland stadium. It's 2 hours from cobb county to sanford stadium. Lets hope the UT recruiters realize this
  19. rocky top buzz

    Gary Patterson Would’ve Set Us Back

    I am guessing the OP thinks we were looking to hire GP in this last cycle. No, we would have hired him instead of Kiffin. Fact is any hire would have been better than a coach leaving 2 weeks before signing day. But reality is the bigger mistake was hiring Dooley. Should have promoted Chaney or...
  20. rocky top buzz

    Score 100!

    Look at their last couple of games. Their team has gotten a lot better. No I don't think it should be close but their QB has been running around and that has caused us fits. I could see this being something like a 45-24 type of game.

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