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    Could our UT do what the Other UT is with this NIL deal?

    And this is just the beginning. Schools and donors are still working out the operational details of this new reality. Linemen getting 50k..? We're already seeing entire teams getting monthly salaries, "Star" QB's who are already millionaires, etc, etc. How are those schools supposed to...
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    Tennessee a 3 point favorite over Purdue at Music City

    EXACTLY. Imagine our Volunteers if Hooker decided not to play.
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    We played 3 championship weekend teams

    I believe the value in playing "cupcakes" is the live game experience to be had. Playing those admittedly weaker teams allows the coach's game plan to be more fully implemented and can be used as (essentially) live scrimmage. You can't get that when every week is a top 10 opponent. The...
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    UT in Music City to play Purdue

    It will be interesting to see who "Shows up" on each team in our bowl.(as well as all the others ) It seems there's a real trend of "Star players" sitting out bowl games to protect their NFL value. Any Volunteers pulling that..??
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    Will there be a rule change next year for flopping, and if so, what?

    Uh...not to put too fine of a point on it but the OP's question is: Will there be a rule change next year for flopping, and if so, what? We've had numerous threads on how to address the "Kiffin Flop". Will the NCAA step up and address that sleaze bag's tactics..?? Not for the next season...
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    Middle tier

    I suppose estimates about "where we are now", and wild guesses about how many years to be competitive with Bama are fun for some people to exchange but have no meaning. Coach Heupel and the team he inherited/recruited through the portal just brought Tennessee Football back from the brink.....IN...
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    Rumor - Quinn Ewers (OSU QB) Going Into the Portal

    It's pretty clear from the responses I've read to this that most..(if not all..) of the people responding,( including myself btw...)fail to fully grasp the implications to NCAA Football of the combination of the Transfer Portal + NIL money It will take most of a generation before folks fully...
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    Is our schedule for 2022 about to get scrapped?

    (emphasis mine) Ah....Not to put too fine of a point on it but I imagine that's what South Carolina and Missouri both said coming into their games with Tennessee.
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    Bowl Reps at the game…

    IMHO: the Music City Bowl is the "participation trophy" for our Vol's. This team deserves better than that.
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    The Official Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt Game Thread, 3:45 PM ET, SEC Network

    Really..??? VANDY shut us down in the red zone...???
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    Happy Thanksgiving, VolNation

    God Bless the VolNation. Keep our families safe as they travel and our team safe as they give their all for TENNESSEE..!!! GBO..!!
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    Scale 1-10 how important is the Vanderbilt game and why? hesitation, no question.'s the Next game and they are all important. That said...Coach Heupel has achieved more this season than anyone had reason to expect he would. Staying positive...I'm not going to comment on the possible effect of a loss in this last game. What I am going...
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    Who do you WANT to play in a bowl game against?

    I know this sort of thing doesn't often happen in assigning Bowl teams...but as other's have posted...I'd REALLY like to see our END of season Volunteers have another shot at Florida. Talk about a guaranteed Peach Bowl SELLOUT...!!!
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    We are already mid-tier

    There’s little or no consistent logic in the “ top 25” rankings. Yesterday I watched #4-Ohio State absolutely OBLITERATE # 7- Michigan State. The score at HALFTIME was 49-0. If rankings had any relation to team strength that should never have been possible. I agree with the previous posts, that...
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    A QB change like that can totally change a team's prospects. If you doubt our team once Coach Heupel put Milton on the bench. I'm also going to add that we've had problems all season containing "mobile" QB's, and it is Vandy after all. This is the one game they have...
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    Jeremy Banks 89 Tackles (3rd in the SEC)

    Jeremy has grown. He’s not all he can be, or should be.. not yet. I hope he will continue to grow both as a player and as a man. I’m glad he got another chance to remain a Vol and pray for him to make the most of it. CONGRATULATIONS JEREMY..!!!
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    The Tennessee Walking Horse

    ME...Among others, that's who. I'm sorry this thread has been resurrected. No, that's not true....I'm sorry this thread HAD TO BE resurrected would be more accurate. When I was a young man in the late 1960's, my family was involved in showing Tennessee Walking horses in a pretty big way. I...
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    Coach Golesh spoke @ the Knoxville QB Club last night

    The most important thing I got out of that is: “Consistently high expectations... not just on the field, but in EVERYTHING they do.” My Father blessed me with that philosophy as I was growing up. Sometimes it was tough being his kid but looking back ( with gratitude) didn’t hurt me a bit...

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